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Why do you need a mobile-friendly website?

  • 63% of cell phone owners use their devices to access the internet
  • 34% of mobile internet users primarily use their phones for internet access
  • Of people who mostly use mobile internet, many don't own a desktop or laptop computer

Source: Pew Research Center


Responsive website design simply means that the visual appearance of your site scales to the size of any device's screen. Although there is a slightly higher investment, this option is more user friendly with a better long term ROI:

  • You only need to make content changes in one place
  • Maintain one website without the need for a mobile app
  • Visitors see the full site and all its content, no matter what device they're using
  • The content will be presented appropriately whether it's viewed from a large desktop monitor, a small laptop screen, a tablet, or a smartphone


The least expensive option is to create a separate mobile website, but there's a trade-off in convenience:

  • A mobile website is completely separate from your website and must be updated separately
  • You need to pick and choose which content you think mobile visitors will most likely want to see
  • To see all of your website content, mobile visitors have to use a desktop or laptop computer

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