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New Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool

Search Console URL Inspection Tool

June 25 the Google Webmaster Central Blog announced the creation of a new tool “URL Inspection Tool” as an addition to the new Search Console. By simply adding a url to the submit field and hitting enter, get a detailed report on how Google see's your url.

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Google Analytics Install

Google Analytics Logo

In SEO we measure success by rankings and organic website traffic (among other factors) and Google Analytics data is an imperative part of measuring those Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

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Analytics ”Not Provided Keywords” Semi-Provided


As you work in your Google Anlaytics and are trying locate all the keywords that are driving traffic to your website, if you’re like me, the “not provided” category was a constant source of annoyance because it is such a large chunk of organic search traffic (in some client accounts we see as high as 90 plus percentage of “not provided” keywords).

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5 Ways to Use Analytics to Improve Content


Planning an online marketing campaign or crafting blog posts requires knowing the target audience. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can provide insight on what content your customers prefer and help you understand what kind of demographics your site is reaching.

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Where can I see my Google Analytics statistics?

Website Statistics is a powerful statistics tool that is powered by Google Analytics. The analytic data is updated daily, and shows statistics for the last month. To access your website statistics you should login to your SiteWorks admin portal, then navigate to the dashboard.

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Bounce Rate Chart


One of the more common questions I hear when discussing traffic reports and analytical data with clients is "is my website's bounce rate too high?" That's a great question, and here's my quick answer: it depends. There are a lot of factors that go into a good analysis of a bounce rate. Answering a question with a question, I like to respond by saying "high compared to what?" For the record, a "bounce" is when a visitor shows up on your website and then immediately hits the "back" button on his or her browser without looking further or clicking anywhere on your website. A "bounce rate" is the percentage of total visitors that come to your website that then bounce off of it.

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What is Keyword "(Not Provided)" in Google Analytics


Ahhh.... Google Analytics—this favorite tool of marketers is easily installed, offers incredibly valuable data, is free, and yet is becoming more and more frustrating for businesses to use and extract data from.

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