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Apple WWDC 2014 Weekly Round-Up

Jun 6, 2014, 02:27 AM | Published under News & Events

OS X Yosemite is Announced – Yosemite promises a slightly new, more modern look, an easier way to address your notifications without actually opening an app, a better way to search through Spotlight and an iCloud drive (similar to DropBox or Microsoft’s OneDrive). While none of these ideas are groundbreaking, they grant Mac lovers a one-stop shop for the vast majority of their computing needs.

Developer News Galore – A new Xcode update was announced which allows developers to sandbox code and live debugging tools. Swift is a new programming language specifically for iOS and OS X apps. CloudKit is a way to allow developers to extend their cloud services to iCloud.

iOS 8 – Following the look and feel of Yosemite, iOS 8 mostly focuses on improvements rather than reinventing the wheel. A better messaging system, keyboard and enhanced Siri are among the improvements. HealthKit is a new developer API that will track health data of the user, similar to the function of the Nike Fuelband and Jabra bands. 

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