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Why Would You Use Radio Advertising?

03/13/17 at 02:27 PM | by Mike Tortorice
radio advertising

If you’re looking to expand your reach in a cost-effective way, consider radio an effective advertising medium to get your message out.

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When to Hire a Marketing Agency

12/14/16 at 10:12 AM | by Stephanie Hooper

A marketing agency looks at all aspects of marketing and carefully determines areas with room for improvement while implementing a strategy that is well-rounded.

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21 Ways to Enhance Creativity and Learn Something New

11/29/16 at 01:00 PM | by Stephanie Hooper
21 Ways to Enhance Creativity and Learn Something New

A list of interesting ways to challenge yourself or learn something new. And who doesn’t want to be a happier and more productive person?

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Sitting is the new smoking

09/07/16 at 01:09 PM | by Andy Alexander

You’ve all heard it by now: Sitting is the new smoking. Sounds pretty ominous, especially if you think smoking is bad for you (and it is). But it took decades for people to

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The Risk of Not Implementing Cyber Security in your Business

06/09/16 at 02:08 PM | by Andy Meng

642 million. In the first half of 2016, this is the number of known compromised accounts which include the social media

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Top 5 Marketing Services for Businesses in Colorado Springs

05/01/16 at 10:48 AM | by Mike Tortorice

From television and radio to social media ads, pay-per-click and search engine optimization, the marketing reach is nearly limitless as technology continues to embed itself in everyday life.

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Does Your Website Suck?

04/20/13 at 10:30 PM | by Andy Meng

Earlier this week, I gave a talk at a Business Growth Summit that I titled "Beyond SEO: What to do with Your Website Visitors." It was a really fun event and I had more people attend my session than I expected, which was great. I shared a lot of information during the presentation, and had a videographer record the entire talk, but that won't be ready for a few days. So in the meantime, I wanted to post here a checklist that I shared with the audience at the talk: a checklist to help you make sure your website doesn't suck.

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Predictions from Steve Jobs About The Web

04/12/13 at 11:50 AM

I recently watched a video called "Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview," which has some never-before-seen footage of an interview with Steve Jobs from 1995. I must say, I have watched dozens, or maybe hundreds of hours of Steve Jobs' talks, keynote presentations, interviews, and more, and I think this one stands out among many as what may be the most valuable.

It's interesting for a few reasons. For one, it was recorded after he had left Apple, when he was the CEO of NeXT Computer and Pixar. It's also interesting because of the predictions he makes way back in 1995 that were absolutely right on the money, particularly regarding the Internet.

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The Colorado Balloon Classic

09/13/12 at 04:30 PM

Over Labor Day weekend, a big event took place in Colorado Springs that drew hundreds of people from all over the country, and even a few people from outside the country—the Colorado Balloon Classic. The Balloon Classic is an annual hot air balloon festival that just celebrated its 36th year, and is the longest continuously-running hot air balloon festival in Colorado. The Balloon Classic group also happens to be an Infront client: we built their website ( They are a great bunch of folks, and we've really enjoyed being a major sponsor of the event for several years.

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