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The Win/Win of Corporate Wellness Programs

05/31/16 at 12:00 PM | by Andy Alexander
Corporate wellness programs

One of the latest benefits to show up at many companies is a wellness program.  With some of the biggest and “funnest” out there creating

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Is Google Evil?

05/04/12 at 01:55 PM

The Guardian just put out a great article on Google's business practices, and it's a scathing report. Titled "Google's problem is that it now believes itself above others – even governments," you can probably guess what it's all about. If you haven't heard about the recent controversy over Google's "Street View" data-collecting practices, you should take some time to check it out. Long story short, the FCC is investigating how Google illegally collected private data from homes and businesses over unsecured wireless networks.

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We're Eating Our Own Dogfood

04/16/12 at 03:54 PM | by Andy Meng

"Eating your own dogfood" is a slang term used by software companies to describe the scenario where they use their own software.  The website you're looking at represents a "dogfood feast" that we've just consumed.  Yes, we just built our own new website using our very own SiteWorks content management system.  Not only did we enjoy the meal, but we're looking forward to lots of snacks in the months to come. 

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