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Why You Should Redesign Your Business Website at Least Every Three Years

04/10/17 at 01:45 PM | by Chris Wallace
Website Redesign

Updating your business website can be one of the most important internet marketing strategies to invest in. Read the key reasons: First Impression, Compliance, and Security for making sure your website design is up do date.

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Innovative Web Design that Lasts

03/10/17 at 03:57 AM | by Stephanie Hooper
Innovative Website Design

You don’t get a warning in the mail notifying you that your website is out of date. Most web developers or designers will advise a website redesign every two years. After you hit

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Is WordPress a good, fast, inexpensive option for my website?

01/07/17 at 02:20 PM | by Andrea Quinn

Once upon a time, making a handcrafted website was expensive and time consuming. Now, there’s a content management system called WordPress that changes that. WordPress is an open source tool that gives anyone the ability to manage content with ease. In fact, many famous bloggers, celebrities, and even some Fortune 500 companies use WordPress as their online publishing platform. It may very well be the fastest and least expensive way to get your business on the Internet.

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If your WordPress site has been hacked, we can help

01/05/17 at 03:59 AM | by Andrea Quinn

When you are hacked, your website that has taken time to setup and build is vandalized with messages and pages that are not your own.

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5 reasons to have a professional design your WordPress site

12/21/16 at 07:29 PM | by Andrea Quinn
Profesional Web Design

Building a professional website requires a level of expertise that only professional website designers have. Unfortunately, it ain’t easy being an expert. In

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Is WordPress the Fastest and Least Expensive Way to Get Your Business On the Internet?

12/12/16 at 10:51 AM | by Andrea Quinn

WordPress is not the simple blogging platform it used to be. The program has evolved

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5 Reasons to Have a Professional Design Your WordPress Site

12/07/16 at 09:52 AM | by Andrea Quinn
Wordpress Website Design

In today’s world, any business that strives to be competitive needs a professional website. The internet has become the source from which

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Is open source software like WordPress and Magento really free?

06/10/16 at 09:19 AM | by Matthew Palis
Is WordPress Really Free?

Well the real answer is it’s complicated and changes over time as the software industry matures; first let’s look at history a bit.

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I Can't Afford Ecommerce!

05/09/16 at 01:30 PM | by Andy Meng
Ecommerce Pricing

I can't tell you how many times I've heard small business owners who want to sell online utter that proclamation (usually accompanied by a smattering of $%#!

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New Website Launches

04/16/15 at 01:07 PM

Check out the new websites designed by Infront Webworks! We are the trusted web development, marketing, and cloud services company in Colorado Springs.

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What is a Content Management System (CMS) Is, And Why You Want One

05/08/14 at 01:43 PM | by Andy Meng

Anyone who is interested in a new website, whether it’s the owner’s first or fifth, should be aware of Content Management Systems (CMS).

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New Infront Client Launch: Pioneer Sand

03/13/14 at 02:40 PM

Pioneer Sand, the nation's largest landscaping material supplier, approached Infront about building a new website for them, and we were happy to comply!

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The Melody Fusion Story: Designing a Logo

04/08/13 at 01:50 PM

This is part two in a series of three blog posts called "The Melody Fusion Story." We are excited to announce that we have finally launched the Melody Fusion website! It's an online band promotion website where musicians can create a free account to spread the word about their music, increase their following, and connect with other musicians.

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For All You Do, This Website's NOT For You!

08/28/12 at 10:40 AM | by Mike Tortorice

So Anheuser-Busch came out with it's famous, and successful "For all you do, this Bud's for you," advertising campaign in 1979. It makes sense - giving someone exactly what they want, personalized for them, as a reward for their efforts. But sometimes we have to say, "for all you do, this website's NOT for you."  

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Can I Please Have Your Content?

07/06/12 at 01:55 PM | by Michael Hodgdon

We all hear the hype about content these days. The popular saying "Content is King" can be heard ringing from many a marketing blog and Content Strategist has become a very real profession. Content is good for your users, good for SEO and it's the "meat" of a website. So it seems strange to me that I often go into design kickoffs where the website content hasn't yet been considered... at all.

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Tips For Cost Effective Web Design

06/06/12 at 07:34 PM | by Michael Hodgdon

If you are having a website built on a small budget, there are two basic paths you can choose to help control your costs: 1) Have a designer realize your vision. 2) Let your designer choose the vision. Either way works fine, so long as you are clear which way you are going and stay the course throughout the design process. Here's what I mean...

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Designing with Users in Mind

05/11/12 at 08:23 PM | by Michael Hodgdon

As a designer, I get all kinds of change requests as I work through design comps with a client. “Can you make this bigger?” “Can you make this lighter?” “Can we change the green to mauve?”

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