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What’s Different about Google’s New Mobile Homepage?

08/18/17 at 03:50 PM | Published Under Internet Marketing by Stephanie Hooper

What’s Different about Google’s New Mobile Homepage?

New Google Mobile Homepage

Google just launched a new feed based mobile homepage. The world’s biggest search engine with its upgraded and dynamic update will be available on mobile devices on Google’s website mobile apps IOS and Android and eventually rolled out to desktop.

This new Google Homepage gives users the ability to customize a news feed which updates based on the interests, location and past search behaviors of the user.

On your mobile device you will notice the 4 new icon options: weather, Eat & Drink, Entertainment and sports.

If you use the weather or food and drink options, they will utilize your location date to provide results that are targeted to your area.  There are additional topics you can select to follow like movies, sports teams, favorite bands or music artists, famous people and more. 

Without customizing the Sports and Entertainment options, the results will just be current popular stories that are trending in Sports and Entertainment.  If you customize these two sections and Google obtains more info about you, the results will be more targeted to what you are looking for.  The results are similar to the Google Now Cards that launched a few years ago.

new google mobile homepage

A Google Smart Feed That Changes with You.

This is just an extension of what was available in Google’s app that they introduced in December and have used advanced machine learning algorithms to better anticipate what is interesting and important to you. So your feed can not only be based on your interactions with Google, but also what is trending in your area or around the world.

As your interests change, the feed is supposed to grow and evolve with you.  If you see something that you don’t like, it’s easy to unfollow topics as well.  Just tap on a card in your feed or go to your Google app settings.

You can also get stories with multiple viewpoints from a variety of sources along with other related information and articles.

Google Loves Google

As Google stated in their official announcement, “The more you use Google, the better your feed will be.”

Google will be serving you content before you are even aware of what exactly you want to know.  By offering a service that increases in accuracy with increased usage, Google hopes people will get hooked on a new mode of discovering information. 

Google wants you to follow your favorites

You should be able to follow topics right from search results.  Look for a new “Follow” button next to certain types of search results including movies, sports teams, your favorite bands or music, famous people and more.  Just tap on the follow button and stories about that topic will be included in your feed. 

How will Google’s New Homepage Affect Marketing?

Users will interact with Google in new ways and as marketers we need to be prepared for this.

With Google Advertising, there will be new options open to advertisers but that won’t be something in our immediate future.  Options for sponsored content and paid ecommerce ads will come later, once a large user base is established. 

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