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Infront Cloud Data Center Facility 

  • Data Center Picture14,400 sqft Data Center
  • Located in Manchester New Hampshire
  • Dual OC-48 fed SONET Network for switched connectivity
  • Multiple 10 Gig fed IP Network for packet connectivity (EAPS to create a fault tolerant topology)
  • Data Center Network consists of 442 miles of fiber optic cable in New Hampshire and 71 miles of fiber optic cable in Massachusetts
  • Meet-Me Room with direct connectivity options to carriers like ATT, BTOP Fiber, Fairpoint, Oxford, Sidera, Teljet, Verizon Business, and more
  • 24X7 Monitored Security Cameras
  • Door Sensors
  • Data center floorState-of-the-art Fire Protection
  • Secured Enclosures
  • Controlled Environment for Temperature & Humidity
  • UPS & Power Management Modules
  • Reinforced Walls
  • Staging area with grounded workbenches, power, connectivity, & telephone for maintenance & installation activities

Connectivity & Power

Back Hosting Center Generator

  • Multiple & Geographically Diverse Internet Backbone Connections
  • ASCO 7000 Series Automatic Hit-Less Transfer Switch
  • Redundant Central UPS Systems: MGE UPS 6000
  • Dual Power Feeds
  • Back-up Diesel Generator


  • Seperate TRANE Air Conditioning unit to provide fresh air input to entire facility and supplemental heating/cooling to office, storage and reception areas.
  • Data Center AC CondenserRedundant Bell and Gossett Series 1510 Universal centrifugal pumps to provide redundant cooled glycol to each CRAC Liebert Air Conditioning Unit within data center facility.
  • 200 Ton capacity of cooling with Liebert units with built in smoke and water detection alarms.





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