The whole website development process from conceptualization to launch to promotion has become too complex for one person to master. Successful websites are born from a team of specialists who are masters of complex disciplines working together to produce highly effective and compelling websites. At Infront, we believe in the capabilities of the individual and in the output of the team. We hire those with the best individual skills and work them into our unique, team-oriented development process. Each team member has defined responsibilities upon which the rest of the team relies. The result is a product that reflects the efforts of highly-skilled professionals who take great pride in their webwork.

Andrea Quinn

Director of Web Development
Andrea Quinn Director of Web Development

Andrea has been working in the Web Development world for longer than she cares to admit (since 1998!). After spending time both designing and writing code, she’s settled into a position she was born for: a Production Manager. If you become an Infront client, Andrea will take you by the hand and lead you gently through the process of creating a website with the outstanding development team at Infront. She has a passion for extraordinary customer service and enjoys delivering unique, creative, functional websites on time and on budget. Really.

Andrea has a large family and many friends scattered throughout Colorado, and summer weekends will find them all at the family campground near Leadville where they enjoy four-wheeling, hiking, and sitting around the campfire.


Liberate - We leverage online technologies to create effective and innovative solutions that inspire and empower.


Teamwork - Co-workers, clients & vendors are all part of the Infront team.

Passion - We have a passion for technology and what it can do to enhance our lives.

Innovation - We aim to be creative, effective, and efficient to create inspired, visionary solutions.

Impact - We know our personal impact on our team, clients & the company as a whole.

Honesty - We build relationships through honesty and communication.

Fun - We enjoy our careers, our co-workers and our clients. We like to laugh; and do so frequently.


Customer Service - Client Education - Innovation - Business Development - Understanding Technology