The Infront Webworks Team

Jamie Daino

Web Developer

Jamie came to Infront as an intern in November of 2015. She had just started college and was starting her Cyber Security degree at Pikes Peak Community College. In September of 2016 Jamie started full time with us and became Project Manager for a couple of her own clients.

Before Infront Jamie was heavily involved in aviation. Jamie went to flight school for 7 months and recorded 12 hours of actual in-the-air flight training with a private instructor. Jamie left the aviation industry to pursue another, more realistic dream in Cyber Security. Jamie found Infront and quickly saw the opportunities available for training  web development and realized this is where she wanted to be. She is now a certified BigCommerce Developer. 

BigCommerce partner

 During her time at Infront, Jamie was involved in DemoSat, a college program affiliated with NASA where students build rockets and payloads to launch into Space. She launched 1 rocket and 1 payload and collected and analyzed data from both launches. Jamie used her experience here at Infront to program her payload and rocket.

Outside of Infront Jamie loves hiking around with her dog, Molly, while also skiing, biking, fishing and camping.

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