The Infront Webworks Team

Jon Litz

Website Developer and SEO Specialist

Infront Webworks, an online agency and industry leader in website design, digital marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO), is proud to announce Jonathan Litz has joined Infront Webworks as part of the Digital Agency’s team of expert and innovative staff as a Website Developer and SEO Specialist.

Jon has been working in digital marketing and web development for over a decade, with experience across both fields. His expertise includes digital marketing concepts, the hands-on technical aspects of optimization, web design, and troubleshooting. He has no fear of the keyboard. Jon has all Google Certifications and has taken many more online courses to help expand his knowledge. While he’s hard at work, he’s hoping to build fast, responsive, and SEO-friendly websites that help increase sales. All while he’s learning new trends and the changes taking place on the Internet.

Jon began as a young entrepreneur on the internet, learning how to build websites and blogs to help promote and sell products. He enjoys new challenges and is looking forward to soaking up knowledge from his teammates, building his skillsets, and growing with the company. When Jon’s fingers are pried from the keyboard, he enjoys hiking, travelling, video games, and spending quality time with his daughter, Lilly.


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