The Infront Webworks Team

Julie Garner

Digital Marketing Assistant

Infront Webworks, an online agency and industry leader in website design, digital marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO), is proud to announce Julie Garner has joined Infront Webworks as part of the Digital Agency’s team of expert and innovative staff as a Digital Marketing Assistant.

Julie brings three bachelor’s degrees from the Indiana University with her and started her marketing work with the City of Kokomo in college coordinating the city events and festivals. After the Army brought Julie and her husband to Ft. Carson, she began working for a marketing agency as a media director of T.V., Radio, and Print for her clients across the U.S. She became interested in digital marketing due to the rapid changes of the media industry. At Infront, Julie hopes to use the knowledge her degrees have given her to help client’s ideas, concepts, or businesses succeed.

Julie is originally from Kokomo, Indiana, moving to Colorado Springs in 2015. Since then, she has been working to gain knowledge of the digital world to help other companies grow. When she’s not working, Julie travels home to see her family, cooks, hikes, reads, plays video games, and spends time with her husband, friends, and her dog.

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