The Infront Webworks Team

Kevin Kennedy

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
Kevin is a Senior SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist at Infront Webworks.  He started his career in digital marketing over 13 years ago and is now applying his knowledge and skills at Infront.  His expertise includes digital marketing concepts, SEO, web design, facebook ads, reputation, and video marketing. 
Kevin's goal when working with clients is to achieve top-level website rankings, strategic website planning, driving company initiatives to help develop our customers first page rankings, and build long-term quality customer relationships. 
Growing up in Colorado Springs and San Diego, Kevin has been involved with marketing & sales and digital marketing throughout his career.  When Kevin isn’t working, he enjoys running, camping, hiking and basically anything outdoors in Colorado.  He loves catching a 5K or 10K on the summer weekends throughout Colorado with his wife.
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