The Infront Webworks Team

Steven Yashur

Technical Director

Steve is Infront's longest-serving employee and has over twenty years of experience in System Administration and Network Administration. For the last seventeen years, he's worked in web application development focused on ASP, Ruby on Rails, .NET and Javascript as well as RDBMS (Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres and MySQL).

In the nineties, Steve, a Colorado native, was studying Computer Science at the University of Colorado but bailed and founded an internet provider and web development company called Compunerd instead with two classmates. A year and a half later, Compunerd was bought out by a larger internet company. After a series of amazingly bad business decisions perpetuated by the first CEO, and then the second, Steve could see that the company was circling the drain. So he left and spent the next seven years refining his sysadmin and coding skills at various large and medium-sized companies until coming full-circle and landing his current gig at Infront.

Steve has a knack for breaking down and explaining complex problems (and their solutions) to his co-workers. He often says, “I feel better about my knowledge on a topic when I can thoroughly explain it to someone else - I want them to understand why an issue happens, not just how to resolve it.” Indeed, it is his dedication to his craft that makes him valued by his managers, respected by his peers and generally reviled by the Vogon Galactic Hyperspace Planning Council.


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