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2015: A Look at How Content Marketing Is Changing

Mar 9, 2015, 15:58 PM | Published under Search Engine Optimization

Content marketing is a constantly evolving field that requires bloggers, internet copywriters, and online marketing experts to stay on top of their game to keep their websites relevant. For savvy marketers, the changes are only for the better. Content budgets will see greater ROI as the new era of digital marketing becomes more sophisticated and businesses can better connect with their audiences.

 Greater Personalization

 The landscape of content marketing is becoming increasingly fragmented as consumers have more information at their fingertips. To put this in perspective, if the amount of current information available online were the size of a tennis ball, in twelve months it would be the size of the sun. Companies are beginning to feel pressured to closely monitor consumer behavior and deliver highly-useful, informative content for very specific issues that relate directly back to their products and services.

 White Papers Are Disappearing

 Storytelling, anecdotes, and personal experience trump lengthy, technical documents. Narrative science is a recent trend in which data is digested by copywriters, and told in a rolling story that better reaches listeners. This humanizes otherwise complex data and makes it more interesting to read. Internet users want fun content that gets them engaged in the conversation. The most successful digital businesses run blogs where customers regularly swarm the comments sections.

 Mobile Usage Dominates

 2014 was the first time mobile devices were more used than personal computers. More than 80% of customers use their smart phones to shop for goods and services. 89% of time spent on media is through the use of mobile apps. Average monthly mobile web and app use has increased from 23 hours per month to 30 hours. Therefore, businesses are increasingly focusing their content marketing budgets on delivering content that customers can read quickly on smaller screens. They are also using location-based information to further tailor information relevancy.

 Visual Media Keeps Consumers Reading

 Infographics are great platforms for imparting information. The graphic acts as a visual aid, leading the reader’s eyes down the page. Videos allow businesses to demonstrate their products’ uses or impart other helpful information in personal ways. Inserting photos in blogs is a nice way to break up information and keep Internet users reading. A recent survey of companies’ successful marketing strategies found that 65% included illustrations and images as critical components of their campaigns.

 Social Media Increases Personalization

 Social media campaigns are used in 63% of effective campaigns. In terms of social media platforms, Facebook is used 94% of the time, Twitter 84%, and Youtube 78%. Content marketers announce that in their campaigns they use an average of five platforms. That number is up from four average platforms in 2013, and two in 2008.

Social media is the ultimate tool when it comes to engaging consumers in conversation. The best content marketers respond to customers and play along with unconventional requests, hoping that the marketing gimmick hits an image sharing or aggregator site like Imgur or reddit and goes viral.

By utilizing these tools, brands are better able to reach customers than ever before. The trick is knowing where to place the tap.

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