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WordPress websites are one of the most common websites you will see on the internet today. Traditionally thought of as a blogging platform WordPress has developed over the years into a very powerful and popular website Content Management System (CMS). It offers a large variety of pre-packaged plugins so that your site can have more enhanced features like forms, calendars, image galleries, newsletters, ecommerce, SEO tools and Google Analytics just to name a few.

Wordpress development by Infront

Infront Webworks has been developing, customizing and hosting WordPress websites for over 10 years, so we have seen the good and the bad with WordPress over the years. Though WordPress brings a lot to the table in the way of features and third party software support it is also known to become a target for hackers because most site owners and inexperienced developers do not evaluate or update the software and plugins over time causing them to get hacked.

We get calls weekly from people who are in this situation.  Fortunately we can help them as we have the experience to triage these situations and limit the damage a hacked site can have on your sites SEO and search engine rankings. SEO damage from hackers are the most common and damaging to businesses - many cannot put a price tag on it when it happens.

Have a WordPress site that's been hacked? 

Infront can help un-hack you're existing site or build a new WordPress site for you that is as safe and secure as any other CMS.

What is the secret to having a stable effective WordPress website?

There are a number of factors we consider in a WordPress deployment but the two largest are themes and plugins evaluation. You want your site to look incredible and you want it to function well for you and your visitors. However, grabbing just any theme or bunch of plugins can be disastrous. Be careful of FREE! Most free plugins and themes are in high distribution so if a hacker figures out a vulnerability they can exploit thousands of sites very quickly.

We generally only use plugins that we know were written by reputable companies and rarely purchase themes as we prefer to build our own. These two items alone will limit your exposure immensely. We also know that plugins need updating so we update our client sites for them monthly to ensure that security is at its highest and that upgrades don’t break any of your plugins. People don't realize this but plugins do not all work with the latest version of WordPress; an update to WordPress could break other areas of your site. 

Having an experienced team like Infront Webworks designing, building and managing your WordPress site is a must if you want to ensure your site is secure and performing for you over time!

Looking for more info?

Try our WordPress portfolio page, where you can see a small sample of the hundreds of sites we've built.  Or check out the answer to a question we are often asked 'What does a website cost?'

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