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Apprentice Personnel began over 26 years ago with the determination to help employers from various industries connect with extraordinary talent in Colorado and Kansas. They dedicate time getting to know their clients and the candidates to make sure they are going to be a match, and that candidates have a solid grasp in the industry they are going into. With their focus on finding suitable employees for the employers looking for the best, their website was being left to the wayside. It was time for their website to receive a facelift and reflect their dedication to making the best employer-employee matches in Colorado and Kansas.

icon of a puzzle pieceThe Challenge
  • The market Apprentice Personnel is part of is competitive, making it important their website stood out among their competitors.
  • The legacy site’s design was dated and had a confusing design, increasing the chance potential employers and employees would turn away and search elsewhere.
  • Important gateways deeper into the site for employers and job seekers both were small and did not stand out among the rest of the available content, discouraging visitors from staying on the site.
  • There was a lack of mobile responsiveness, making the website hard to view on tablets and phones.
  • The website’s CMS was difficult to use and understand at a glance, making it harder to update pages with new information or add announcements.
  • The new website needed to have ZipRecruiter integration, as well as contact forms that could reach out to job seekers based on the location filled out in the form. There also needed to be a temporary file storage for resumes and time cards sent from the contact forms.
icon of a flagThe Solution
  • The website was given a new home page with vibrant colors and a focus on a more modern design.
  • Mobile responsive was added for employers and employees to view the website and submit inquiries, resumes, or timecards regardless of device.
  • The website is now in WordPress, allowing the Apprentice Personnel team to go from struggling to make any changes to having the ability to customize their website and adjust what they need to with little trouble.
  • The landing page of the website pulled the gateways to noticeable locations, allowing employers and job seekers alike to easily find where they should go next. This will also decrease the bounce rate, instead encouraging visitors to the website to look around and see how Apprentice Personnel can help them find employees or jobs.
  • ZipRecruiter was integrated onto the website, allowing the job listings through the website update in real time.
  • Receiving resumes and timecards are easier than ever with a plugin that will temporarily store submitted files and check they are the correct type and size before emailing the contact form.
  • The website was optimized for performance, increasing their GTMetrix scores and supporting their SEO. The landing page now fully loads in half the time of the old website and makes a third of the requests.

Apprentice Personnel’s new site has a modern look with important information more noticeable for employers and job seekers alike. Their optimized site will load faster and work across any device, encouraging visitors to remain on the website instead of going to one of their competitors. With the ZipRecruiter integration, updates to job openings and new listings are easy for any job seeker to find in real time. With the new backend of the website, it is easy to use and allows the team at Apprentice Personnel to customize their website with less of the hassle than before.

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Apprentice Personnel

May 14, 2019, 16:19 PM
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