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The concept of the bicycle has been around since the late 19th century, but there is a constant strive to improve performance and make bikes faster. It was with this thought in mind that led to the creation of Mullet Cycles, a company beginning in 2013 from the meeting of two bicycle enthusiasts. Their goal was to sell one such improvement, bikes with different-sized wheels, which could handle a larger range of speeds and various surfaces efficiently.

They spent the next six years perfecting the frame of the bike to properly handle two different-sized wheels. With their dedication coming to fruition, Mullet Cycles was prepared to introduce their new cycle to the world. To do so, they would need a website to advertise their product, and allow customers to order a bike online with international shipping.

icon of a puzzle pieceThe Challenge
  • Mullet Cycles did not have an existing website, making it important their site was visually appealing to begin building goodwill with their visitors and potential customers.
  • The website needed to show why having a bike with two different-sized wheels can be more beneficial to the bike rider than a bike with two same-sized wheels.
  • They are in a highly competitive market, creating a necessity for them to be able to compete with larger bike companies selling both types of bikes.
  • Each bike needed to handle variations, including color, that could display different options and availability based on the length of the bike frame.
  • An alternate option called Ready-to-Ride needed to be set up, allowing the customer to buy a bike pre-built, when this option was ready to be sold.
  • The process of buying a bike needed to be easy for the consumer, from finding the product to purchasing.
  • Shipping needed to include international options, making it important the calculated shipping cost was correct based on the destination.
icon of a flagThe Solution
  • Mullet Cycles’ website was placed in WordPress with WooCommerce, providing them the necessities to display and sell their products without the user needing to leave the website.
  • The colors for the website were chosen to match the components of a bike and invoke the feeling of being in nature.
  • The landing page has every available and upcoming bike model listed, with each available bike linking to the corresponding product page. This provides visitors with quick access to more in-depth information on a specific bike they are interested in and gives the visitor a chance to buy without needing to go through a series of categories or pages to find where to purchase.
  • Advanced Custom Fields were added so product options were easy to add, and variation logic was implemented to hide and show the various options based on previous choices. This allows customers who choose ‘Ready-to-Ride’ to see a different list of options than customers who chose to buy just the frame.
  • The website was optimized for performance, resulting in a GTMetrix score of 97%. This will support future SEO efforts. With pages loading in under 2.5 seconds, visitors do not have to wait, reducing the bounce rate.

Since the website’s launch, Mullet Cycles has what they needed to help sell their bikes locally, nationally, and internationally. The site has a fast loading time, encouraging visitors to remain on the site and look at the available and upcoming bikes. Each bike model is on the front page, allowing fast access to the bike’s corresponding product page. While a visitor is looking through the bikes, they can see different options based on bike size and preparation with the variation logic. If a user decides they do want one of the bikes, the buying process is simple with the available options laid out and a single-page checkout.

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Mullet Cycles

Sep 9, 2019, 09:36 AM
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