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Most successful businesses and organizations in competitive markets have found that creating a legitimate presence on the internet is one of the most valuable efforts they can undertake to drive new business and serve existing customers & partners. There are many ways to market online, but for most companies, a website is the cornerstone of successful marketing as it’s the company’s 24x7 "office.""  There are three essential characteristics of a successful website: credibility (how it looks), usability (how it works), and findability (how it’s found). Infront Webworks works closely with you to build a website that achieves an optimal balance between these three characteristics, tailored for your online strategy.

Infront has extensive experience designing, building, and marketing more than 1000 websites. We have been in business since 1994 working with clients across multiple industries, including manufacturing, travel and tourism, sports, health care, government, and non-profit for local and national businesses. Our team of web designers, developers, project managers, and marketers has more combined experience than any other online agency in Colorado Springs, CO. With your team and ours, we can create a powerful online presence that will significantly contribute to the success of your organization.

Infront's History

Infront's seeds were planted when Andy Meng moved to Colorado Springs in October 1994 to found a company called Data Made Accessible with his brother. One of the company's first projects was a simple website that indexed agricultural research documents and made them available to U.S. Department of Agriculture field agents through the world wide web.

From the humble beginnings of this simple website, this Colorado Springs website design company grew to a team specialized in creating data driven websites. In 1999, Andy bought the assets of DMA and Timberline Webworks was born. Timberline grew during the dot-com boom and became Infront Webworks in 2000. Despite the negative economic effects post-9/11/2001, Infront Webworks thrived and began to hone its areas of expertise in: website architecture, web design, development, SEO, marketing & cloud services.

In April of 2012, Infront's reins were handed over to its new CEO and owner Matthew Palis, an Internet veteran with more than 20 years expereince in running web development, SEO, online marketing, and cloud services companies. In June 2013, Infront moved "uptown" in Colorado Springs and continues to serve its worldwide client base from an office designed to promote collaboration amongst team members and clients.

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