Featured Dental SEO Case Studies

We have worked with many dental practitioners throughout the years. From pediatric dental SEO to multi-location dentists, our core SEO programs are designed with strategy in mind.

Dentist SEO

Dentist Office SEO Case Study

From content to local optimization, not a stone was unturned. This Arizona dentist needed to turn the tide on their stagnant organic traffic. A combined approach has now led to the Dentist on the verge of opening a second location due to increased business.

Pediatric Dental SEO Case Study

Using personas and a content strategy to match, we helped grow traffic for this children’s dental practice. The on-page SEO proved vital for further performance.

Sedation Specialty Dentist SEO Case Study

The Dentist, located in Las Vegas, wanted to bolster their search results around the typical tourists, especially concerning emergency dental leads. By messaging the content, and performing search engine optimization tasks that included on-page and off-page techniques we saw a steady climb in traffic and leads.

Family Dentist SEO Case Study

After a heavy site redesign, we tracked lost pages and performed vital 301 redirects. We saw early climbs in organic traffic due to our SEO efforts