In business for over to 2 decades, Infront Webworks maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, has over 150 5-star Google reviews and offers SEO programs that are acknowledged among the best in the country. Our SEO department provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions that deliver Return on Investment (ROI). 

We are currently the only Colorado Digital Agency that is “LSA Certified”, and one of a handful that is a Google Certified Partner. We are ranked #1 SEO Agency in Denver, Colorado Springs and ranked Nationally in the Top Ten by multiple third party Agency rating services.

With our in-house team of expert SEO specialists, we can offer custom SEO programs that provide the widest range of services and solutions to fit every facet of an SEO strategy.

SEO Services

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SEO Programs

Infront Webwork’s Search Engine Optimization programs are predicated more on hours per month and desired amount of pages optimized because our expert team handles every aspect of your website’s SEO. Once SEO and competitive audits are completed. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are established SEO strategy is orchestrated and our team implements the SEO elements that will most directly affect those KPI’s and drive revenue for your business. 

This way, you get the fastest results, you are not paying for a package that may consist of many services you don’t need and may leave out many you do, like the programs other SEO Agencies offer.

SEO Service Experts


Infront Webworks only hires Senior Level SEO experts with a minimum of 5 years agency level experience (no interns will be working on your SEO), and do not outsource (so communication is fluid and you are meeting monthly with the experts working on your website) any of their SEO clients projects. Infront’s SEO experts are in-house so they don’t have to charge extra for advanced level SEO, it is included in your fully managed SEO program. 

The team is fully transparent and we offer online dashboards to clients to gauge progress and monitor work between monthly meetings if they choose to do so.

Infront offers many SEO services and programs but the 3 most popular are;

  • Fully Managed
  • Collaborative
  • Tools Only

Fully Managed SEO Package Services

The Infront Webworks Fully Managed SEO Packages are our most aggressive programs for fast-tracking search ranking growth. Fully Managed SEO packages work very well for businesses that;

  • Are in competitive local or national markets like home improvement, loans, diet products, etc.
  • Company’s who want to achieve solid ranking quickly or are trying to outrank competitors for top search engine results pages (SERP’s) rankings
  • Websites that have been penalized by Google (manual or automated actions taken) and need a technical digital marketing team to fix problems and file for reconsideration
  • Company’s who have recently rebuilt their websites and noticed a dramatic loss in traffic but are having trouble isolating the cause or lack the in-house expertise to fix the problems
There are many other examples but these are the most common.

Included in Fully Managed SEO Services

One of the many advantages of choosing our Fully Managed SEO packages over competitors is, simply put, you get a wider range of search engine optimization services, packaged in a pricing structure that provides a greater return on investment for you!

Some of the reasons why our competitors SEO packages are counter-intuitive, don’t compete with the ROI we offer, and just frankly are inadequate;

Many SEO Company’s offer programs in different levels like “Silver, Gold, and Platinum. They list a range of services they provide in each package. This is a huge problem because,

  • It assumes you know what each service in each package is, and which ones you need.
  • If you need services from multiple packages and have to choose one package to start with, you are not being nearly as effective as you could be.
  • Packages do not list hours provided to your business or what services you are getting each month.
  • At the “platinum” level SEO programs, many of these companies are outsourcing this work to “technical SEO specialists” like our team, so you’re paying their mark up
  • The worst part of it all is, if you start in the silver or gold package and are happy, you can look forward to moving up to the next package and paying more money for fewer results. Because the reality of SEO is, as results increase, cost should go down so you don’t see a diminishing ROI. No one likes to pay more to get less
SEO services and packages

Winning SEO Services

At Infront Webworks, our SEO Services and Packages are engineered to a very specific goal: Win/Win/Win

  • Our clients should win by growing their sales and business
  • We win by long term client relationships
  • And your customers win by more access to your business online.

Simply put, we want your SEO program to provide you an ROI as quickly as possible, it’s cost to go down over time as your search ranking growth plateaus, and makes good business sense.

It’s for this reason, all SEO programs and packages we offer cover any and all the SEO work within the scope of your package’s monthly hours. We establish what will grow your business the quickest (quickest path to ROI) and work to that end each month. Some of the most common services include;


Backlink analysis, Bing Webmaster Tools install, browser compatibility testing, competitive citation analysis, competitor keyword research, Google Analytics install, Google goal and funnel tracking configuration and set up, Google Tag Manager install (if applicable), Infront real-time ranking and KPI reporting, keyword analysis and recommendations, keyword baseline reports, keyword mapping and blueprint, malware, virus, and link injections website audit, mobility compatibility testing, Search Console (Webmaster Tools) Install website deep crawl.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO includes: Mobile, local, GEO directory submission and management, branded map installation, citation submission and management, Google My Business Set up, Google My Business verification, local schema installation, monthly listing update to directory listings, NAP Set up, SEO audit, optimization and management, and Bing Map Installation. We send reports about search engine rankings for local, maps, organic search, paid ads, social media, technical seo and more. We want to make sure you have an online presence everywhere. 

Offsite SEO Services

Offpage SEO includes: Conversion Tracking, goal tracking, Google-branded page, Google manual action resolution management, heat map analysis, link building/Social bookmarking, search engine submissions, social signals, targeted directory submissions, toxic link disavowal, video annotations, video optimization. We can also include social media marketing services or PPC. 

Onsite SEO Services and Internet Marketing

Onsite SEO includes: SEO audit, 301 Redirects, anchor text optimization, browser caching optimization, canonicalization strategy and implementation, content delivery Network CDN- Cloudflare, CSS minify, database caching, duplicate content assessment and resolution, error resolution (302,404, 500), H1-H2-content optimization, h-entr and h-atom creation and validation, image and text link “Title” optimization, image compression image optimization, interlinking, IP Canonicalization, Jscript compression, landing page creation and optimization, META Tag optimization, minor site content edits, mobile search optimization, monthly Press release distribution, Open graph assessment creation, and installation, page caching, product and category page optimization, redirect URL issues, troubleshooting and resolution, Robots.txt creation, and optimization, schema site analysis, creation and installation, semantic content strategy, site speed assessment, site-wide and subdomain optimization, social profile Schema, text/content optimization, Twitter card assessment, creation, and installation, video schema, W3 validation compliance and correction, XML Sitemap creation and installation. Extensive monthly reporting for search engine rankings in the search engines. We can also add on content marketing or business marketing videos.

Professional SEO Services and Package Costs

Our Fully Managed SEO Programs typically start at $1,250 monthly and a one time set up and audit fee of $599. They start at 10 hours, do not limit services provided, and do not limit keywords targeted. 

Hours and price depend largely on market your website is competing in, size (pages) of your website, and hours determined to successfully grow your business month after month. 

We do periodically run introductory rate and special promotion programs, so please contact us for a free consultation and quote.

Collaborative Search Engine Optimization Packages

The Collaborative SEO Package is a lower cost Fully Managed package, that offers all the same services, including consultation or training for your staff if you desire, but based on fewer monthly hours.

The name for the “Collaborative SEO program” comes from the most common type of client that requests it. 

Originally, most of the clients who requested this type of program were companies or even other SEO Agencies that have an in-house Team and need a limited number of hours to consult with our SEO experts on strategy for their website or their clients website. In some cases they hire our team for additional man power on large or technical SEO initiatives.

Over the years this program has become useful to other clients, for example;

  • Clients who’s SEO has matured but they still want experts ensuring they maintain their top ranking or working proactively on adding new keywords to SERP’s.
  • Clients who mature in growth in our Fully Managed SEO program and want us to still handle their SEO but want to lower the cost monthly.
  • Clients who are not time sensitive about their rankings and can afford us more time, and that are not in hyper-competitive SEO markets.

Collaborative SEO Services Cost

Collaborative SEO Program costs start at 3 hours per month and hourly rate is slightly higher ($135) than Fully Managed SEO Packages. 

Base rate for these Search Engine Optmization packages are $405 monthly with a 1 time set up fee of $195. Similar to the Fully Managed package we do periodically run introductory rate and special promotion programs, so please contact us for a free consultation and quote.

SEO Tools Package

Our SEO Tools package is an inexpensive program, that utilizes our teams current SEO Tools software and expert SEO monitoring of your website . 

We manage SEO tools for you and report on important KPIs and goals that you are working toward. We can also provide tips on improving your KPIs, goals and placement.

The Tools program includes us adding you into our current suite of SEO tools and monitoring up to 250 keywords for your website.The big benefits for your company are;

  • You save a lot of money monthly in subscriptions you would have to pay if you were to utilize the amount of tools our team currently uses.
  • You save a tremendous amount of time, not having to learn each tool set, but still benefit from expert SEO’s on-boarding you in the tools and optimizing them for your website.
  • You receive monthly reports of performance and rankings in the search engines.
  • Your websites monitored for impact of search algorithm changes and effect on keyword placement by veteran SEO specialists.
  • Our vetting of tools helps your company gain from the knowledge of over 100 combined years of SEO experience on our award winning digital marketing team.

These are some of the many benefits but please contact us if you’d like to know more.


Tools Package Cost

Cost for the SEO Tools Program is $195 monthly, which is less than the cost your company would pay if you simply subscribed to half the tools our team utilizes.

When you consider the expert set up and managing of your website in our program, there is not a more effective solution to ensure you are constantly monitoring your websites placement, growth and impact from search algorithm updates.

The Results

When all is said and done, the single biggest determining factor of an SEO company is “RESULTS”!

Infront Webworks has maintained an annual retention rate among the best SEO Agencies in the industry, for 2019 our clients average organic traffic growth was over 412% in the first 3 months. 

All this has been possible by staying true to our win/win business model and ethics that put the customer’s ROI equal to our own. By building a team that believes in the philosophy and has the SEO expertise to deliver, we ensure a long term profitable relationship.

With the pace the SEO industry is growing, many companies have flocked to the market to gain their share of the revenue. 

Our SEO Company has kept their focus on SEO programs that deliver results and value, built an infrastructure that is focused more on SEO talent then sales talent, created a team environment that fosters continued education, accreditation and client results. 

The result of our agencies investment in these principles is a business model that is an absolute win/win for clients and the agency.

The Infront Webworks SEO Team

When hiring an SEO Agency, company, or expert SEO Consultant, experience, history, and ability are primary factors that dictate success and results. 

Infront Webworks has a rigorous process of selection for SEO team members that includes resume screening and reference checks confirming years of agency-level SEO experience, an initial SEO manager interview, a comprehensive SEO test, a final interview with the Marketing/SEO Director and CEO to assess team compatibility and fit.

Currently, the Infront Webworks SEO team consists of expert SEOs with a collective experience of over 125 years of digital marketing, and SEO. We have extensive experience in organic search.

They have over 65 SEO and digital marketing certifications, multiple marketing degrees, digital marketing, an MBA, and more. 

They have varying areas of specialty including national organic search, local geo search, mobile search placement, Fortune 500 company SEO, Global SEO, Large E-Commerce, Telecommunications, the Automotive Industry, small business, and of course top SEO placement for Colorado Springs businesses, to name a few.

Infront Awards

Why Choose Infront?


The Infront Webworks team has won some of the most prestigious awards in the SEO industry including;

  • Ranking in the top 5 SEO Companies Globally by Clutch an independent digital agency ranking service.
  • Shortlisted for the 2020 Landy Awards (Search Engine Land Awards) for Best Local Search Marketing Initiative – SEO.
  • US Search Awards Winner
  • Search Engine Land, Landy Awards Winner
  • Clutch: Leading Global SEO Agency
  • Top Healthcare SEO in Clutch
  • Clutch: Top Colorado Springs SEO Agency
  • LSA certified – 1 of 20 agencies in the U.S. to pass the rigorous review process and meet the standard to be LSA certified.
  • Top SEO Agency by Marketing Tech Outlook Magazine.
  • Top 50 Tech Companies by InterCon
  • Best of Small Business Awards – Best SEO Company
  • Finalist at the Interactive Marketing Awards for 3 categories.
  • Shortlisted for best interactive marketing, Best SEO Campaign, and Search Agency of the Year.

As a group, the team brings an amazing amount of business knowledge to their client base having owned 11 companies and partnered in an additional 4 including profitable sales of these companies equaling millions. 

The team has placed close to a thousand websites on the first page of organic search, including literally tens of thousands of top keyword rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and some of the more obscure older search engines like Lyco’s, Looksmart, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, Overture, GO, DuckDuckGO, social media and many more.

Press on the team includes a 6-page article in Entrepreneur magazine, CIO Magazine, N.Y Times, L.A. Times, Colorado Springs Business Journal, Colorado Springs Gazette, Mobile Marketing Association Newsletter,  Colorado Biz Magazine, SEMRush case study, 2017 Expert Predication’s for the Local Ecosystem by the Local citation, South-side Business Journal, and The Importance of Mining Datasets by Marketing in the 21st Century.

Google reviews over 125 5 star reviews

Finally someone who cares. I went first to a Internet company who used to run a Bed and Breakfast thinking they would know what would be best for us. My twin brother flew up from Australia to help me get going on a new website that I badly needed. We interviewed Infront Webworks by going right to their office unannounced. We were sat down and walk through what they could and would do for us… a wonderful website and continued SEO and support. The process was super smooth and very beneficial
We still engage Infront Webworks for our SEO. You can’t go wrong with them!

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