Twitter Marketing

In a world where social media platforms have become part of everyday life, consumer attention is a hot commodity for advertisers and businesses. However it is getting increasingly difficult to maintain a targeted audience. Twitter benefits from this as it only requires short bursts of attention to get the maximum impact.  That’s where Twitter Marketing for business comes into play.

With 328 million active monthly users, Twitter uses 140 characters to create content that can be read, shared, and clicked through to the desired destination. It also allows users to post images and short videos, making it an ideal marketing tool.

Tweets were also not originally available as Google search results, but that has changed. This means that Twitter can be a significant influence in determining your Google organic site ranking.

SEO Ranking Factors

One of the considerations when determining your website’s organic ranking is whether it has a twitter profile. The number of followers on the profile is also factored in, as a twitter profile that has a high number of followers indicates your site’s popularity. As a result, writing engaging tweets that generate a lot of re-tweets can significantly increase your brand exposure, bringing in new followers that will improve your ranking.

In addition, Google also factors in the standing of followers and those who re-tweet posts. Having popular or well established followers and having them re-tweet your content is going to carry more weight with Google than follows and re-tweets from low-influence accounts.

High profile followers also open the door for your company to reach a much wider and diverse customer base. When an account with a large following re-tweets your post, it gets shown to their entire audience. This means that potentially millions of people who do not follow your account may re-tweet your content. This increases the number of people seeing your content even further, bringing in more potential followers which can result in more sales, and an even higher organic ranking.

Twitter Maketing for Customer Service or PR

Twitter is also the ideal platform to use for customer service and publicity when traditional media is not an option, or is not responding to your efforts. Using Twitter to send out quick information on your products and other company news that link back to your webpage will increase your brand awareness. This will boost the number of visitors to your site.

The more visitors you are able to attract through your posts on Twitter, the greater the odds that some of them will reference your site when writing their own articles or blog posts. This creates back-links to your page, which is one of the quickest ways to get a significant boost in your Google organic rating.

If you decide to include Twitter into your social media presence, Infront Webworks has the skills and experience you need to ensure you getting the most out of this key social media channel. We will help you establish your Twitter presence in a way that will help you attract more and better targeted followers, and ensure that your Google organic ranking reflects your hard work.

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