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Website Development

When it comes to website development technologies, we believe that standards drive consistency, and consistency drives success. We are committed to supporting the technologies that we believe have been defined as, or are becoming defined as, website development standards.

It goes beyond just knowing the standards, it's also a philosophy about structuring the website code and carefully crafting the user experience. The use of semantically structured markup, along with  the separation of the content from visual styles gives us greater flexibility. Being able to maintain and update your site is important, the better our planning, the faster your site will be able to adapt and react to your changing needs.

The science for us involves balancing advanced features with quick page load times, making content accessible to all types of people and all types of devices, and accounting for the varieties of different web browsers and different software on every user's computer. It's not a simple matter to keep up with all of the changing details in web development, that's why you need geeks that are dedicated to knowing everything going on behind the scenes, and in the servers.

Listed below are some of the technologies and standards we have adopted as foundational to our website development process:

  • Page Layout & Display: XHTML 1.0, HTML5, CSS2 & CSS3
  • Data Interchange & Markup: XML 1.1
  • Dynamic Data Display:  AJAX (asynchronous javascript and XML)
  • Application Development Platform: Ruby on Rails
  • Web Application Database Server: PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Browser Side Scripting Language: Javascript 1.5
  • WWW Server: Apache / Linux
  • Data Encryption: Secure Socket Layer -- 256 Bit Encryption
  • Version Management:  GitHub.com

Why Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is based on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture that divides entire web application into layers, which makes it highly manageable and easy to maintain, which is exactly why we built our content management system using it. RoR includes advanced application development paradigms like DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself) and Convention over Configuration.

With Ruby on Rails, we simply get work done faster.  RoR is gaining popularity day by day mainly due to its ability to support rapid application development. Developers around the world are contributing constantly to add value to this magnificent framework further making it a platform of choice for organizations and websites worldwide. 

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