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21 Ways to Enhance Creativity and Learn Something New

Nov 29, 2016, 13:00 PM | Published under Miscellaneous by Stephanie Hooper

I’m going to start off with a couple of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein.

  • “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”
  • “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”
  • “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
Albert Einstein In my younger years, I was a stay at home mom.  I worked from home so I didn’t have strangers raising my children.  I loved spending time with my kids, but I lacked mental stimulation. So with an interest in computers, I taught myself how to code. Nothing fancy, just simple HTML and CSS.  But that was where my love of website development started and what eventually led me into digital marketing and SEO.  Now I get up every day and go to a job that I’m super passionate about, working with people that are so fun and equally passionate. It all started with simple curiosity and learning something new.

With the ability to learn and explore at our fingertips, we have the opportunity to get smarter in our spare time, and even better, it’s accessible to anyone with an internet connection. So I thought it would be fun to put together a list of interesting ways to challenge yourself or learn something new. Let’s face it, by learning something, it can benefit your career, your home life, your personal outlook and mental well-being.  Who doesn’t want to be a happier and more productive person? 

  1. Take time to read, whether it’s a blog post or your favorite online magazine.
  2. Learn new computer skills at Code Academy.
  3. Learn SEO & Marketing Skills from the experts at Infront Webworks at our free monthly SEO Internet Marketing Meetup.
  4. At Alison, over 7 million people have learned about business & enterprise skills, digital literacy & IT skills, languages, school curriculum, health & safety compliance, health literacy, or financial & economic literacy.
  5. Lynda.com is another place where you can learn new business, technical or creative skills online.
  6. What about learning from today’s Big Thinkers? You can read articles and watch videos at Big Think.
  7. From interesting articles about life to fun DIY projects, try Lifehack.
  8. For a ginormous collection of fun facts, weird news and articles on crazy topics try Zidbits.
  9. Here is a list of the most popular Ted Talks of all time. My personal favorite is Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability.
  10. For unusual life hacks and new videos daily try WonderHowTo
  11. Khan Academy: For an online gamified learning platform.
  12. Read 3X faster and be more productive in life with Spreeder.
  13. Curated classes by the world’s top experts at Creativelive.
  14. Improve your leadership skills, team management skills, or time   management with Mindtools.com
  15. How about live streamed classes on programming, design, business and marketing? Learn from industry leaders at platzi.com
  16. Learn how to cook, knit, sew, arrange flowers, quilt or decorate a cake at craftsy.com.
  17. What would you say to committing to learn a new skill for one month? One Month.com.
  18. I love to travel, but I usually don’t speak the language. Which can be a little scary.  Before you go, try surface languages to learn the basics.
  19. At Makezine.com, learn how to do that unusual project like: How to build your own remote controlled lawnmower. I need one of those, so If anyone is willing to give it a go, let me know!
  20. Here is a list to improve your public speaking: Public Speaking Project, Public Speaking Tips,  and Six Minutes – your guide to be a confident and effective public speaker.
  21. How about giving up a few minutes of your day to be happy? Gretchen Rubin is the bestselling author of The Happiness Project. Free weekly Happier Podcasts on ITunes.

So take the time learn something new every day.  It will keep you feeling young, excited and challenged. What would you add to the list?  Please share your favorite place to learn in the comments below.  I look forward to hearing from you!

About the Author

Stephanie is our SEO and Digital Marketing Manager at Infront Webworks. She has been in the digital marketing, web development and SEO industry for over eighteen years.  She has worked as a Director of Digital Marketing and has been a SEO and web developing consultant for every size company from the local small business to the global Fortune 500 company.

Digital Marketing Specialties include: digital marketing strategy, E-commerce, organic SEO, local SEO, advanced analytics, competitive research, social media strategy, content strategy, conversion rate optimization, voice search and structured data markup.

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