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Tech Round-Up Week Ending 4/11/2014 Featuring the Heartbleed Flaw

Apr 11, 2014, 13:54 PM | Published under News & Events

Heartbleed Flaw – A vulnerability for email and other online accounts was found this past week called Heartbleed. When the issue was first found, people were warned to not change their passwords until after the problem was fixed. If users changed their passwords immediately, they could still be taken advantage of if the flaw wasn’t fixed. For the most part, this issue should be resolved, but contact your provider before changing your passwords.

New Klout Mobile App – After being acquired a couple of weeks ago, Klout has released a brand new mobile app that allows you to schedule content posting, see your impact and, of course, claim your perks. The coolest thing the app will allow you to do is share content quickly and easily with your friends. You

Google is going to Block Paid Search Keywords? – In the digital marketing industry where Google is emperor of the world, rumors run rampant on at least a weekly basis. This week’s rumor is that Google, who notoriously started hiding organic keyword data a few years ago, will begin hiding paid keywords as well. This would mean that all of Google’s keyword data would be hidden. For a company telling people in my industry to “Optimize for the user”, they sure are good at not letting us see which keywords the user is using to find our site. I sincerely doubt that this rumor will come to fruition, but the man makes some interesting points.

78% of Local-Mobile Searches Result in a Purchase Offline - Three agencies ran a local search study and discovered that a huge percentage of users looking for local businesses on a mobile device make a purchase. Although to some people, that may seem like a pretty obvious study, people in the marketing industry have been trying to explain the importance of Local Search and Mobile Search to clients for quite some time. This is a fantastic study to have in our arsenal when we explain the importance of these services to clients (or potential clients).

Twitter gives a new look to user profiles – Twitter has had essentially the same profile page for as long as I can remember, but that look has recently changed. The new look is one of the small steps that Twitter is taking to make their service easier to use. In the first quarter of 2014, a Twitter executive admitted that the site was difficult to use and that he would make a “better Twitter”. This change is reflective of that.

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