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We're Eating Our Own Dogfood

Apr 16, 2012, 15:54 PM | Published under Opinion by Andy Meng

"Eating your own dogfood" is a slang term used by software companies to describe the scenario where they use their own software.  The website you're looking at represents a "dogfood feast" that we've just consumed.  Yes, we just built our own new website using our very own SiteWorks content management system.  Not only did we enjoy the meal, but we're looking forward to lots of snacks in the months to come. 

As far as software dogfood goes, SiteWorks is pretty tasty.  It was designed from the ground up as a website content management system.  It was designed from the user's persective - not from a programmer's persective. Managing website content with SiteWorks is elegant and fun - all you need to know is some basic computer skills and how to launch a web browser.  But, in case you find that intimidating, we provide free training on how to use it.

SiteWorks was also designed with search engine optimization in mind.  Note Infront Webworks total domination in some of the most competitive keywords online (i.e. website design, SEO companies, etc...). SiteWorks has more built-in SEO features than any other website CMS.  Things like automatic XML and HTML site maps, user manageable 301 redirects, editable META tags, editable "friendly" URLs, editable alt tags, and much, much more.  Search engines LOVE crawling websites built on SiteWorks.

But, you'll be happy to know that the geeks love SiteWorks too.  SiteWorks is built on a system called Ruby on Rails.  Sounds a little quirky, but you'll be happy to know that websites like Twitter, Groupon, Shopify, and many others have chosen Ruby On Rails as the state of the art website development foundation on which to build their websites.  We haven't forgotten to include stuff like HTML5, CSS3, jquery and other horribly complex technologies that make great websites.

We hope you like our website - we enjoyed building it.  Please contact us for a demonstration of SiteWorks and how it can form the foundation of a SUPER successful website for your business or organization.

About the Author

Andy co-founded Data Made Accessible, the predecessor to Infront Webworks, in 1994. DMA became Infront Webworks in 1999 and Andy presided over the business as his company grew for nearly two decades to become the premier online agency in Colorado Springs. Andy and Joan Meng sold Infront to Matt Palis in April 2011, and Andy remains as the “Director of Business Development” for Infront.

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