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How to Embed a Tweet

Apr 17, 2012, 08:52 AM | Published under Social Media by Andy Meng


If you've ever wanted to capture a Tweet from Twitter and post it somewhere but weren't sure how, check out this relatively new feature from Twitter: the ability to embed Tweets. It's really simple to do. Let's say I want to post the tweet from the History Channel's Titanic Real Time Twitter account that says the Titanic hit an iceberg. Here's how I would do it:

Step 1: visit www.twitter.com and find the tweet you're looking for:

How to Embed a Tweet

Step 2: hover over that tweet, and click "open":

Twitter Hastags

Step 3: when viewing the tweet, click on "details":

Adding Twitter Freed to Your Site

Step 4: click on "embed this Tweet":

Twitter Feed Instructions

Step 5: copy the code in the box, and paste it into a web page or blog post:

Twitter Feed Code Snipet

Step 6: Voila! The final product should look like this:


The cool thing about embedding a Tweet this way is that it still works as a live Tweet. So you can click on it, retweet it, favorite it, follow the account that first tweeted it, and more. Instead of a static image, it's embedded into your page and fully functional. Isn't that neat?

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