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Tech Round Up Week Ending 04/18/2014 Featuring US Airways' Insane Twitter Week

Apr 18, 2014, 14:18 PM | Published under News & Events

Google opens up sale of Glass---For one day – Since Glass was launched, Google had decided to only allow a select few to purchase their wearable technology. For one day (Tuesday, April 15), they opened up sales of the $1,500 glasses to the public. So, how many units did they sell? Google won’t say, but rumor has it that they sold completely out of their off-white Glass model. Do you think Glass is going to fade away or is it here to stay?

US Airways straight up loses its mind on Twitter – On Monday this week, a 14-year old Dutch girl Tweeted that she was with a terrorist organization and planning ‘something big’ for June 1. Why did she do this? Because teenagers are idiots. She was arrested shortly afterwards, but then something strange happened: a bunch of other teenagers also started sending bomb threats to the airline. Why did they do this? Because, again, teenagers are idiots.  In tandem with the bomb threat, the airline “accidentally” sent one of the most vulgar, pornographic Tweets in the history of corporations sending out vulgar, pornographic Tweets. The whole story is that the picture was Tweeted to the airline by someone, then when a customer tweeted a legitimate complaint, the social media team behind the airline’s Twitter account accidentally included a link to the graphic photo rather than to their customer support center. It’s been a rough week for the airline.

Apple Song Identification – Apple is supposedly working with Shazam to integrate a song identification feature with their next iOS in June. What makes this so cool? I have no idea. Google and Microsoft already have this feature integrated with their operating systems, so most likely is that Apple is trying to keep up. This is kind of a “gee whiz” feature in my eyes. It’s not going to be very useful nor is it really going to make them any real money. It will be interesting to see if there’s another layer or angle to this feature that hasn’t been reported yet.

Yahoo Beats Wall Street Estimates for Q1, then Gives Fired Executive $58 Million – So for the first time in a while, Yahoo actually made some money. Then their COO was let go with a severance package worth FIFTY EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS. Take that, profits.

Google buys Drone Manufacturer – Why has Google acquires Titan Aerospace, a drone start-up? I’m not sure, but my guess is something to do with improving Google maps, creating a new delivery method (a la Amazon’s promise for 2015) or some type of grand Google X experiment. No matter what its future use, hopefully it will be consumer focused.

AOL revamps Homepage - As I searched for technology news this week, this item kept popping up. Why is this big news? Who still uses AOL? Mostly people aged 59 or older is my guess. Well, apparently that 59 years old and up demographic is stoked for this AOL homepage update! Congratulations, AOL! 

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