33% Increase in Revenue With 2x Organic Traffic Increase

Industry: Real Estate

33% Increase in Revenue With 2x Organic Traffic Increase


Case profile

The client came to Infront Webworks to develop an organic search strategy to gain visibility & rankings in the cities of Buffalo, Cody, Sheridan, & Powell WY as well as attract buyers that were interested outside of the state. They wanted to improve search placement and be the Real Estate office of choice in Northern Wyoming. The client’s SEO strategy consisted of heavy focus on local search. The client had little to no search presence so in addition to targeting local search for high priority keywords we structured keywords to target buyers that were interested in the area and the type of home they wanted. We also started a blog to widen out longtail keywords to effectively grow client’s interests while we were working on high profile keywords that typically take longer to achieve results. Between January 2020 – June 31 2020 the client last reported a 33% growth in revenue & a 20% growth in leads and inquiries.

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