Taboo Harley Davidson

Project Info

Taboo Harley Davidson came to Infront in mid-2016. They faced many challenges within ads. Their primary objective with using AdWords was to gain phone calls and leads, and their previous digital marketing efforts yielded them no results. From the beginning, we noticed many issues with their site. Our primary goal for Taboo Harley Davidson was to ascertain what we could do to get their phones ringing on a daily basis and ensure they were getting bike form submissions on their website. When we started with AdWords, they had 0 phone calls from previous campaigns.

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Overall Challenges, and issues faced with the site when acquired:

  • AdWords was set up nationwide.
    Keywords targeted were primarily competitor names.
    CMS restraints from on creating landing pages
    No traceable results in previous 6 months before hiring Infront Webworks
    Client had NAP issues do to a recent dealership name


Overall Strategy:

  • Properly set up the basic fundamentals of AdWords:
    • Utilizing expanded text ads
    • Setting up optimized ad extensions
    • Proper location targeting
    • Utilization of new bid strategies and bid rules
    • Setting up audiences within the shared library
    • Using proper keywords & keyword techniques (broad, phrase, exact, and broad match modified)
  • Set up bulk changes to their campaigns (using a script)
  • Track Quality Score within account, ad group, campaign level (Quality Score script)
  • Give input for better site optimization for landing pages, and bike pages (we couldn’t edit directly)

Our first process was to get them onto a different CMS (now dealers spike) so we could effectively SEO the site and have more optimized landing pages. Once we were able to get landing pages and bike pages more optimized her for ads with the new site, we saw higher success.

After new site implementation:

  • Optimization of landing pages
  • Ensuring targeted proper areas and keywords
  • Creating proper AdWords Extensions
  • Localized landing pages and ads that corresponded to those pages


Over the course of the time period July 1, 2016 to Nov 30, 2017, Taboo Harley Davidson over 2600 verified calls within Google ads.

As seen below, we set up a proper call extension to their sales number which resulted in 32,709 clicks over this time period at an average CPC of $1.21 per click to call.


Taboo Harley Davidson is still a client today and we continue to work on their SEO and PPC on a monthly basis. Part of our monthly Fully Managed SEO package include evaluation of work done, and how we can take things a step further. Each month we focus on increasing the traffic to the site, as well as positive rankings of other keywords. Currently in the last 30 days, Taboo receive 196 phone calls as seen below. We’re currently working on a Bike campaign to target specific bikes which has also resulted in very high click through rates, as seen below.

The Result