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Email Encryption & Archiving

Save all your business emails and document the transactions, correspondences, and proposals made to and from your office. Do so with peace of mind knowing that all your emails are protected  from being read by anyone other than the intended recipient.


Exchange Hybrid 

Infront Hybrid Email uses a special routing technology that merges two email platforms under a single domain to give the right service to the right people. It’s a smart way to provide email to your company because it saves you money by reserving the most powerful email accounts for only the users who need them, while providing all the necessary features that the rest of the users need.

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Virus & Spam Protection

The McAfee Virus protection program filters millions of email messages each month, and will protect your network no matter what size it is.

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Mobile Email

Access your email on your mobile device or tablet through POP or IMAP. Gain access from your home or a remote location to your mail, contacts, calendar, and more.

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