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Infront Webworks is widely known for search engine optimization programs but excels at full range of other online marketing services. For a more comprehensive list of online marketing services we offer, please review the list below.

Colorado Springs Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Classes

Held in our conference room at 5350 Tomah Dr #2800 Colorado Springs, CO 80918, the SearchWorks Basic SEO training class will teach you basic SEO tactics to improve your website's Google ranking. The class will provide you with hands-on training and coaching on basic search engine optimization techniques.

Workshops, Seminars, Hangouts, Livestreams, etc.

Infront Webworks is proud to offer and host a variety of internet marketing and SEO workshops, seminars, hangouts, and livestreams throughout the year. Through our partnership with Google, we are proud to announce more events than ever. Please take a moment to visit the online marketing and SEO events page to view this year's lineup.

Content Strategy

Effective websites convert visitors into customers. One of the keys to an effective website is how the main marketing messages and calls to action are presented on the website’s home page and landing pages.  Defining how these critical elements are displayed on the website is a process called content strategy. 

We are prepared to complete a short content strategy for your website that will provide a solid foundation for a design that properly presents the messages and calls to action with the goal of increased conversions of website visitors to customers. 

One of our marketing professionals will conduct an initial interview with you. Based on your input, they will research your business, then produce a document that contains recommendations for the home page and interior page content layout, plus a site map for organizing your website’s content. They will then meet with you to present the findings and recommendations and make any changes based on your feedback. Finally, they will give the content strategy document to the website designer, who will use it to lay out your website design and navigation.

Social Media Marketing

Want to get your business on social media, but just don't understand the way it all works? Or do you already have social media accounts set up but want to know more about how to increase your visibility? At Infront, we have experts who can do it for you. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest, or other similar networking sites, our marketing department has the expertise and knowledge to get you where you want to be. Social media is constantly evolving, and you need someone who can guide you through the process and take you one step ahead of your competition.

Let us help you increase your visibility, create name branding, and promote your services through all aspects of online networking sites and directories.

Website Usability

Ease of use is very important for your website. Google has become increasingly critical about this aspect of websites with respect to how they rank pages in organic search results. If your website is confusing or too complicated to navigate from one page to another, or if it isn't clear what you're asking from your users on your web page, then these are penalties that will take your page down a notch. 

Our web team is proficient in designing websites that cater to the user's needs. Because every industry has different needs, we study the habits and demands of each client's user-base to design an easy-to-use and effective website that will be rewarded by Google's search engine. Call us today to find out how we can give your business the boost it needs.