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Content Marketing Statistics that Marketers Should Know, but Don’t

Jan 26, 2018, 16:02 PM | Published under Internet Marketing by Mike Tortorice

Content Marketing Statistics that Marketers Should Know, but Don’t

The marketing industry is multiplying in size every year. Digital Marketing agencies are taking note. Are you moving with it? If you don’t know what is going on, how will you know when and when to adjust your strategy?

As business grows and when the economy is on an uptick things shift fast and not knowing how to adjust your marketing sails will ultimately sink the ship. We all have a compass on the trends but without solid data to back it up, what’s the point?

In order to catch the tide, here is some hard data and a few marketing tidbits sprinkled in to help in your marketing efforts.

Let’s dive right in…

  1. 30% of marketers spend the majority of their working days (and nights) creating and managing content.


    Blog posting and website content is the biggest offender in the category. As more and more businesses become digitally savvy the competition gets fiercer for those coveted #1 Google positions.


    Focus on great content is a must for marketers.


  2. 60% of those in the marketing field write 5 articles of content related pieces a week.

    Staying consistent helps when it comes to great content. Like anything practice makes perfect and for perfect content, you must practice.

    Get better at writing everyday through trial and error and don’t be afraid of rejection or edits. That is how we learn.

  3. Marketing content vs traditional methods of marketing costs between 55% to 65% less and yet drives 75% more leads.

    Understanding this difference in cost should open your eyes to the fact that if you are not spending time developing sound content marketing strategies you may be putting your eggs in the wrong basket.

    You should think about shifting into content marketing to increase your leads and ultimately your lead conversions.

  4. The number of marketers who consider branded content cost effective and overall more successful than print advertising is 72%.

    Old school print has been in atrophy mode now for years. With a decline in traditional print advertising these types of operations have been shifting to more of a digital approach in order to stay relevant.

    traditional media

  5. 63% of Business to Business marketing associates fulfill their content needs through outsourcing.

It comes down to productivity and ultimately you should consider outsourcing your content needs. Just ensure you hire writers that are well vetted. Writers should know how to write for the web. This is not about creating a sophisticated novel, but creating clear and concise messaging and geared towards what your readers want to hear.

insourcing vs outsourcing


What’s Next for Marketers?

As with every industry, marketers need to stay abreast of data that can help them survive in the digital landscape of marketing, and especially content marketing. This trend of great copy in terms of marketing businesses is not going away anytime soon.

Marketers need to stay focused and continually practice their content writing skills as well as meet the demand to fulfill content related requests. As businesses grow, so will that of quality content marketing.


About the Author

As the Digital Marketing Director at Infront, Mike’s responsibilities include working with clients to achieve top level website rankings, strategic website planning with his peers, driving company initiatives to help develop our customers first page rankings, and to commit fully to the client relationships that cultivate Infront Webworks culture and ingenuity. Due to Mike’s understanding of web site development he is able to take Organic SEO to the next level.

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