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4 Reasons You Should Use Video Marketing

May 28, 2012, 08:23 AM | Published under Video Marketing

At BombBomb, a video email marketing company, we obviously believe in the power of video (and email!).  We know it’s an extremely effective way to connect and communicate with prospects, customers, colleagues, and community.

The use of video in your online marketing seems necessary and inevitable.  The purpose of this post is to encourage you to assess your available resources and to start making video.  You needn’t publish or distribute the initial videos you make until you’re satisfied with their quality and purpose.  Instead, start thinking about and working on video as part of your integrated marketing strategy.

Whether you’re not yet using video, not yet fully committed to the medium, or not yet using it effectively, here are 4 reasons to give video more of your limited time, attention, and resources.  Watch the video, then check out the short write-up below it!

Here are 4 reasons, among many, why you should use video in your online marketing.

Reason 1:  Video Communicates Completely

Video is, quite simply, an excellent way to communicate with people.  It’s easily and comfortably consumed.  It’s compelling – people tend to want to watch it.  And it provides complete communication, packed with subtlety, nuance, emotion, and non-verbal cues.  If your goal is to connect and communicate with people, video needs to be among the tools you’re using.

Reason 2: Video Complements Your Text and Images

A video need not stand on its own and speak for itself out on YouTube or Vimeo, all tagged up as a passive lead generator (though that’s a great use of video, too).  Instead, make it part of a package; design it to serve as a complement to your existing text and images.

On your website, in your blog posts, in your emails, and on your landing pages, video reinforces your messages.  It humanizes and brings to life all that your words and graphics are trying to communicate.

Reason 3: Easy and Inexpensive Video

Poor quality video can threaten the credibility of the message.  So too, though, can over-produced and highly polished video.  So, you don’t need a four-, five-, or six-figure budget.  You needn’t hire a professional production company.  Video is easier and less expensive than you might think.

You likely already own what you need to get started.  Most of our video email customers are using their iPhones or Droids, simple Flip cams or camcorders, or point-and-shoot or D-SLR cameras that also shoot video. 

For the video above, as well as for videos in our newsletters, drip campaigns, blog posts, landing pages, and website, I used a very simple combination of 3 pieces of equipment.  Take a look at our camcorder, wireless microphone, and tripod set up in this BombBomb video email blog post.

Reason 4: Countless Ways To Use Video

No matter the purpose or mission of your business or organization, video can be used in countless ways in your marketing.  Again, it can bring to life any messages on your website, on your blog, in your email, or on your landing pages.  It can be used to generate interest, nurture relationships, convert leads, retain customers, train internal staff, recruit new members, express appreciation, share transactional updates, or anything else. 

Four easy go-to types of videos you might make:

  • Personal, talking heads videos (like the one above)
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Screen capture videos

If you’re not using video, it’s time to get started.  If you’ve already put your toes in the water, it’s time to jump in.  The earlier you start, the more competent and confident you’ll become.

About the Author

This is a guest post written by Ethan Beute, Chief Marketing Officer at BombBomb. Their video email marketing software gives you complete email marketing, plus the power of video, the reach of social, and the convenience of mobile.

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