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5 reasons to have a professional design your WordPress site

Dec 21, 2016, 19:29 PM | Published under Web Design by Chris Wallace


Building a professional website requires a level of expertise that only professional website designers have. Unfortunately, it ain’t easy being an expert. In fact, most professional website designers earn their “professional” rank after years of practice.

The DIY approach in web design has become popular over the years, but it is not without its drawbacks. DIY web Professional Web Designdesign limits your potential for growth, and could be about as ineffective as a gourmet chef trying to perform open-heart surgery. Here are five reasons why you should consider having a professional design your website instead:

Complete Business Integration

You’re the boss. You know all your products better than anyone else and you know what your customers love and can’t get enough of. You’ve got a pretty good handle on things but you’re looking to expand. You want to bring in more customers, and your buddy and fellow business owner Ted has got a phenomenal website that just reels ‘em in. You figure you can do the same thing. You design a WordPress website and wait. But your website just isn’t doing as well as you thought it would. Sales remain stagnant. People aren’t pouring in like they are at Ted’s, but where did you go wrong?

A professional web designer evaluates your business, products, and goals for a website.  Are you trying to bring more people into the store? Are you wanting to sell online? A web designer will blend functionality, design, and your brand image so that your website does exactly what it is meant to do: increase sales.  With a professional designer, everything customers love about your store and your products they will love about your site as well.

Taking the DIY approach in WordPress web design often means restricting these possibilities or worse, leaving room for customers to view your business in an unprofessional light.  Cluttered text, slow-loading videos, loud and iWebsite Planrelevant images will only send potential new customers running back to the search engines. Avoid the hazards of DIY web design so you can appear as professional online as you do in person.

Custom Design and Technological Expertise

In a world where literally anyone can start a business in any industry, competition is bound to get fierce. This is especially true for people with great ideas. We’ve all seen it. A great product comes out and within a month, every other big name in the industry has come out with a product that does the same thing. What truly separates a successful business from an unsuccessful one is brand image. Your website must accurately reflect your brand image in order to bring in traffic. In a world full of knock-offs, wouldn’t you rather be an original? Having a professional design your WordPress website can set you apart from the competition.

Custom design allows you to get your brand image out to online users in a way that is memorable, functional, and most of all, completely your own.  A professional web designer not only brings you a design that you can’t find in a standard WordPress template, they bring you the technological expertise that keeps your website running smoothly. New technologies are constantly released, and if you’re behind the times in the online world, you’re losing business, plain and simple.

Optimize the User Experience

The “customers come first” credo is much the same in the online world. If you’ve got a long line and there’s ten employees standing around doing nothing, customers will get angry. If your website is taking forever to load, people will get angry. No matter how great your products are, patience wears thin in a matter of seconds when it comes to load times. Dial-up has lost its charm, and if your website isn’t up in a few seconds, your potential customer will be gone in half a second. Having a professional on board to design your website ensures that every page loads with User Experiencelightning speed on any device. Not to mention, speed and load-time are reflective of your search rank. If you want people to find you online, your website better load in a timely manner.

A professional web designer will also determine if everything on your website is in working order. Broken links are a nightmare for you and your customer. A professional will fix any broken links and create a menu that is easily accessible so your customers can get the information they need without struggling to find it.

Integration of Online Marketing Tools and SEO

Web design is much more than nice images and an attractive font. The entirety of online marketing depends on much more than a keen eye and an intuitive mind. Professionals will install Google Analytics on your website so you can use your advertising dollars wisely. This tool is tremendously helpful for business owners. It tells you how many people are visiting your website, what they’re looking at, and basically gives you detailed data on what’s working and what’s not working so that you can market your website more efficiently.

In addition to the helpful integration of Google Analytics, professional web designers will also have a handle on SEO. SEO is an extremely important aspect of web design that many business owners overlook when designing their own website. SEO, or search-engine-optimization is what makes your website “findable” online. Without proper SEO integration, your website is lost at sea with no one to hear your SOS. SEO allows users to find your website when they search for relevant terms. If your website is designed professionally, search engine rankings will be maximized so that potential new customers will be able to find you more easily.

Webmaster Services

Designing and building your website is never a one-time effort. You can’t slap a diaper on a newborn and call it a done deal.  If you do that, you’ll end up with a stinky four-year-old who can’t walk, talk, or use the bathroom. A website requires a lot of attention--maybe not as much as a newborn, but enough to elicit professional help. Webmaster services are one of the many ways in which a professional web designer surpasses the limitations of the DIY approach. In order to keep your website top-notch, you need to maintain and update your content. Search engine algorithms are constantly updating, and your website needs to reflect those changes in order to remain visible. A professional designer or team of web designers will keep your site fresh forever and always.

In any business, professionalism always holds the power over anything amateur hour. Don’t take the risk of looking unprofessional for the sake of menial savings when you can actually bring in revenue by optimizing your website for maximum gain and exposure. Let the professionals handle it so you can concentrate on what you do best: running your business.



About the Author

Chris has been in the internet marketing industry for almost two decades and experienced the internet revolution known as the dotcom boom. She developed her first website in 1999 programming straight HTML code and realized she was hooked on this newest innovation, the World Wide Web. She has provided successful SEO and web design consulting both independently and as a part of SEO marketing agency teams for the past 18 years. 

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