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New Infront Client Launch: Pioneer Sand

Mar 13, 2014, 14:40 PM | Published under Web Design

Pioneer Sand, the nation's largest landscaping material supplier, approached Infront about building a new website for them, and we were happy to comply!

They needed a design that streamlined their customer's experience, and looked more representative of the hard work they do. However, there were many significant obstacles to overcome. With over 30 locations, each one having a different product line, and an an inefficient website, our web team had to sit down with Pioneer Sand and come up with some new solutions. 

For starters their old website did not mention the fact that each location carried different products until after the user had selected a product, so customers ended up disappointed when they learned that the product they just spent time picking out now had to be shipped 100+ miles, and it wasn't worth the added cost.

Another problem was that the old site just wasn't representative of an industry leader. Here is what it looked like in 2013: 
Before infront

We felt it did not represent the terrific job they do in providing top of the line landscaping materials. So after collaborating with them, and understanding their needs, we made a few modifications.

This is their landing page now.
After Infront
As you can see, upon landing on the website's home page the end users select their location, and then are taken to a page that is specific for that retailer. That way customers can see exactly what product line that specific location carries before deciding on a product.

In this screen shot, the user selects Aurora, CO, and is taken to a page specific to that location. Then, if the cursor is scrolled over the "Products" tab all the products that are in the Aurora retail location are listed and available to be clicked on.
Infront Client

Another way that we made life easier for Pioneer Sand was with the use of our CMS. They can now go in and manage all 30 of their websites without the help of a programmer. This means that they can make, add, or remove any of the products from any location, or add specials that exist for a limited time at any location.

Pioneer Sand now has the look and feel of an industry leader thanks to the web design team at Infront. Call us to find out how we can help your business grow!

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