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5 Reasons to Have a Professional Design Your WordPress Site

Dec 7, 2016, 09:52 AM | Published under Web Design by Chris Wallace

Website LayoutIn today’s world, any business that strives to be competitive needs a professional website. The internet has become the source from which the majority of people gather their information. If your business has a haphazard or unprofessional website, you risk losing your credibility among potential customers before they ever read your content or visit your storefront. Consumers assess companies and products at length before actually making a purchase. If your website does not create the impression of credibility and security, customers will move onto the next vendor without hesitation.

While the two biggest factors in a business website are credibility and sales, the following five points explain why having a professionally designed website is important to both factors.

1. Visual Features

The overall look of your website, the colors and graphics used, and the way it navigates are crucial to good web design. Website visitors dislike having to search for information. That said, visitors do not like to be bombarded with copious amounts of crowded text and obnoxious colors either. A professional web designer will ensure that your text, color scheme, and site navigation are made to be user-friendly. A well designed user interface is the cornerstone of a successful website.

2. SEO Compliance

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an approach used by professional web designers to maximize the rankings your website receives from search engines. The idea is to get search engines to find your site with little to no effort. If the search engines can find your site easily, so can your audience. Search Engine Optimization ensures your website will be found by both search engines and potential customers.

3. Brand Image

A web professional will be highly beneficial to your brand image by implementing your brand into the functionality of your site. Every brand has a persona it displays to the world. This persona is your brand’s image. For example, if your brand’s core virtue is quality customer support, your website should echo that with reliable and easy-to-find customer support numbers, quick contact forms, online chat support, and the framework behind the scenes to support it all. If you own a publishing company, you wouldn’t want your website riddled with typos and errors. This idea of brand image implementation is crucial to any business.

Having a crowded and confusing site damages your brand image, therefore lowering your chances of attracting Your Brandpotential clientele. Having an unappealing site shows your audience that you don’t take your online presence seriously, and therefore don’t take their time or business seriously either. A cluttered site makes it hard for the visitor to find what they were looking for. Instead of spending their valuable time deciphering your site, they will simply look elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you have a clean, convincing website designed with user interaction in mind, visitors will find what they were looking for easily and remember your site and company. When people remember your service, they are more likely to indulge in it when the need arises.

4. New Tech and Maintenance

The internet is constantly changing. New computer code, technologies, and marketing strategies are created every day. When consulting with a professional web designer, you are guaranteed that your site is being built with the latest technology in accordance to the latest trends. Most do-it-yourself site builders do not allow RSS feeds, video, or links on your site. Having these features greatly benefits your website. For instance, having custom video on your site engages your visitors and drives traffic to your website. A web professional also affords you routine and quality maintenance to keep your site a step above the competition.

5. Automatic Backups

Having automatic backups of your website ensures that a professional can restore your website from the most recent backup in the event of a hacker or malfunction. Even the most secure sites can fall victim to hacking. When a hacker takes control of your site, they can do a lot more than just deface your website. They could litter it with advertisements, route it to an external site, or make it disappear entirely. The foremost danger of a hacked website is Web Securitymalware. Hackers can plant code in your site to inadvertently spread malicious software to you and your visitors without anyone knowing. With professional support and backing, you gain security against unforeseen problems with frequent backups of your website.

Many people remain oblivious to the damage a poorly constructed website can inflict on a business or cause. In the early days of the internet it was easy to get away with a simple, if not amateurish website. The standards have risen, and now people expect a polished website that reflects the successful business it represents. Professionalism is the key to a strong online and offline presence. Whether you’re selling a product online, raising awareness for a cause, or generating storefront walk-ins, a strong and well-crafted website is critical.






About the Author

Chris has been in the internet marketing industry for almost two decades and experienced the internet revolution known as the dotcom boom. She developed her first website in 1999 programming straight HTML code and realized she was hooked on this newest innovation, the World Wide Web. She has provided successful SEO and web design consulting both independently and as a part of SEO marketing agency teams for the past 18 years. 

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