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Zoey: High Performance Ecommerce

Mar 14, 2017, 08:50 AM | Published under Web Development by David Shults

One characteristic above all separates Zoey from its competitors: The Zoey platform, described by the company as “A premium ecommerce platform for ambitious businesses,” has the speed and scalability to serve the highest volume businesses and fastest growing startups.  Zoey merchants outsell other merchants by 100% - 200%, and you can do the same by using their built-in marketing tools.

Zoey also boasts especially powerful analytics to monitor a store's health and track metrics, and search engine optimization (SEO) within the Zoey platform is a dream.

The importance of SEO and its ongoing maintenance can become secondary to other ecommerce considerations, which doesn’t help promote a store’s success. If you would you like to understand SEO better and read about how it is constantly changing and requiring new techniques, click here. Infront Webworks are experts at SEO and can help get your site top rankings


Is Zoey the Best Ecommerce Platform for You?

It can be argued that small businesses should start out with something like Shopify or BigCommerce. If you predict, however, that at some point you might really scale your business up, Zoey is a possible choice. If you need to scale up now, Zoey is a great choice. We can help you sort through the options and price considerations and make the best decision.

Noteworthy Zoey Features

Zoey, unlike other ecommerce platforms, provides a full hosting plan on your own domain. Checkout is funneled through your site; transactions are secure. In addition, Zoey allows the connecting of online stores with brick and mortar stores, an important consideration for some.

With Zoey you can also import a wide range of sales, product, and customer data. Two other popular features are multi-location selling and multi-user administrative access.

With Zoey, 7 types of products can be added: Simple Product, Configurable Product, Grouped Product, Virtual Product, Bundle Product, Downloadable Product and Gift Card.

An important technical consideration is that Zoey offers API access and POS integrations for use with other ecommerce tools and smooth migration from existing platforms.

Zoey allows unlimited products, storage and bandwidth as well as product filtering capabilities.

With Zoey we can design a theme for your site that matches your products/services, marketing plan and brand. Zoey’s capacity for design surpasses the competition, and our design experts can take full advantage of that for your site.

Why Else Does Zoey Deserve Consideration?

Zoey’s hosting, sales optimized product tools, and ecommerce automation have won the approval of reviewers. Zoey also accepts payments from multiple credit cards and allows the processing of sales in multiple currencies.

Also worth noting is that your online sales can be boosted by inventory and order management capabilities combined with flexible sales, discounts and coupons to facilitate online selling.


***We will be happy to help you assess if Zoey is the right platform for you, and explain how Zoey is different than BigCommerce and other platforms. Contact us with your questions and concerns!***

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