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In the Mobile ERA: The Evolution of Digital Tracking, Statistics and KPI’s

mobile-shopping-tn In today’s technology driven world, mobile phones are the first line of inquiry when it comes to consumerism. These
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How Mobile Shopping Increases In-Store Purchases

shopping-with-mobile Both in-store and out, shoppers everywhere depend on their smartphones to provide critical micro-moment information. Some have
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Why Responsive Web Design Is Worth The Investment

responsive-design Shoppers are spending less time on desktops & more time researching products via mobile.
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Google’s Mobile Search Results Soon to Show Site Name

mobile-search Google is constantly making changes to its search result pages in order to improve the efficacy and intelligence of its algorithms. One of the more...
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Mobile Traffic in 2012

bounce-rates-thumbnail Now that 2012 has come to a close, I'm really excited (I admit—I am a total nerd) because I can now analyze the traffic reports from last year for our clients. Every week, I spend hours poring over detailed website traffic reports, finding out how many visitors a website received, how long the visitors stayed on the website, what they clicked on, how they found the website in the first place, and much more. But aside from my weekly analysis of a website, I also like to look at entire years as a whole to watch for major trends or patterns of user behavior.
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Options for creating a Mobile Website

Hopefully, after reading the last post you did your homework and ran the numbers on your website to see how many mobile visitors have visited your website in the past year. Hopefully, you've also also taken notice of the actual devices being used. So now the question is "ok, fine, so I get lots of mobile visitors—what do I do about it?"
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Mobile Websites: Why You Should Care

Yesterday, I got a phone call from a prospective Infront customer who had some questions about mobile websites and wondered what his options were for building a website that works on both desktop computers as well as smartphones. I explained how it works, the technical behind-the-scenes info, and why he should consider on building one. After I hung up, I wondered how many other people might want to know the same information.
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