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Essential SEO Tips for Small Business Bloggers

Jun 6, 2012, 16:12 PM | Published under Search Engine Optimization by Stephanie Hooper

5 tips for increasing your website’s SEO value and user experience.

When it comes to establishing brand presence online, small businesses bloggers can take a few tips from me. I learned my share of SEO tips and tricks and how to deal with small business clients just like you. For most small business owners, time is of the essence. However, it takes a good deal amount of time and effort if you expect to compete in the search engines. The following four essential SEO tips for business bloggers will help keep you competitive online while increasing your website's SEO value and user experience....

1. Content is king
The reality is that search engines base your entire search engine ranking on your content. They can't see your pictures or your fancy flash banners, but they can see all of the unique content that goes up on your website. Plus, the more useful and relevant that content is to your audience, the better your search engine ranking and the better the user experience is for your visitors. Remember, having the right SEO keywords in place might be valuable to the search engines, but don't forget that you want actual people to come to your site to buy your products and services. Without human beings, your business would soon dry up - so ensure you're writing for search engines as well as humans.

2. Optimize on your current content wherever you can
You probably have videos, audio recordings, and images on your site, right? Are those videos and audio recordings transcribed? And do all of your pictures have captions containing SEO keywords? Well they should! What are you waiting for, be sure to transcribe everything in text form so it's search engine scanable--and that goes for all interviews, conversations, video promos, user testimonials, etc.

3. Show some personality
The fastest way small businesses can turn off customers is by using too much marketing speak. Why? Because you come up sounding robotic or artificial! Your customers want to buy from a human being so be sure to infuse some personality into your blogs and web copy. You can still showcase your authority in your industry and keep things conversational. Think of the way you would speak to a client coming into your store - and use that voice - professional yet friendly. If you can, weave a personal story or product review in wherever you can. Don't be an open book about your personal life, but talk about personal ways that your product or services help actual people to humanize the user experience.

4. Use Geo-targeting for local search
If your carpet cleaning business is located in Athens, Georgia you hardly want potential customers contacting you for quotes from the next state over now do you? You can prevent mix ups like this by associating your small business with a geographical location (i.e., neighborhood, city, state) by geo-targeting. This SEO tool benefits those searching for you locally (which over 60% of consumers do in search engines).

5. Improve website load times
Have you ever found a small business site in Google, clicked on the link, but the site took forever to load? Maybe you even got frustrated and looked elsewhere before it finished loading? If the load time of your small business site is slow, your customers are probably looking elsewhere. Plus, Google has introduced points for speed when it comes to search engine ranking. So it's about time you deal with that huge banner or huge images on your site that take forever to load. Improve your customer's experience by reducing image sizes or by using a caching plugin to speed up your load times.

About The Author
Caeden M MacGregor who is a staff writer for Prestige Marketing, a Vancouver internet marketing company that specializes in blogging on viral marketing, social media, and internet marketing tips and techniques.

About the Author

Stephanie is our SEO and Digital Marketing Manager at Infront Webworks. She has been in the digital marketing, web development and SEO industry for over eighteen years.  She has worked as a Director of Digital Marketing and has been a SEO and web developing consultant for every size company from the local small business to the global Fortune 500 company.

Digital Marketing Specialties include: digital marketing strategy, E-commerce, organic SEO, local SEO, advanced analytics, competitive research, social media strategy, content strategy, conversion rate optimization, voice search and structured data markup.

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