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Where can I see my Google Analytics statistics?

Jul 9, 2013, 20:32 PM | Published under Google Analytics

Website Statistics is a powerful statistics tool that is powered by Google Analytics. The analytic data is updated daily, and shows statistics for the last month.  To access your website statistics you should login to your SiteWorks admin portal, then navigate to the dashboard.

How to View Analytics Data

A few key figures from Google Analytics are displayed on the Dashboard Page.

  • Visits - the number of total visits on your website.
  • New Visits - to the percentage of the above visits that are new.
  • Page Views - the total number of unique pages that were visited.
  • Pages per Visit - the average number of pages viewed per visitor.
  • Average Time on Site - the average length, in minutes and seconds, that a visitor spent on your website.
  • Bounce Rate - the percentage of visitors that visited your site and left before continuing on to a second page in your website. An acceptable bounce rate is anywhere between 25% and 50%. If you have less than a 25% bounce rate, you’re doing great. If you have higher than a 50% bounce rate, you may want to consider working on your keywords and marketing to better drive visitors to your site with accurate relevance and stay on your site with relevant information and content.

If you click the "Visit Google Analytics" link, you will be taken to the Google Analytics website. Log in here with your Google enabled account to view your full report. (If you have not been given access to view reports, please contact support at infront, and request that your address be added).

For additional help with the Google Analytics interface, visit their support page at http://www.google.com/analytics/support.html.

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