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For All You Do, This Website's NOT For You!

So Anheuser-Busch came out with it's famous, and successful "For all you do, this Bud's for you," advertising campaign in 1979. It makes sense - giving someone exactly what they want, personalized for them, as a reward for their efforts.

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Can I Please Have Your Content?

We all hear the hype about content these days. The popular saying "Content is King" can be heard ringing from many a marketing blog and Content Strategist has become a very real profession. Content is good for your users, good for SEO and it's the "meat" of a website. So it seems strange to me that I often go into design kickoffs where the website content hasn't yet been considered... at all.

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Tips For Cost Effective Web Design

If you are having a website built on a small budget, there are two basic paths you can choose to help control your costs: 1) Have a designer realize your vision. 2) Let your designer choose the vision.

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Designing with Users in Mind

As a designer, I get all kinds of change requests as I work through design comps with a client. “Can you make this bigger?” “Can you make this lighter?” “Can we change the green to mauve?”

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