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Mike Tortorice

Director of Digital Marketing
Mike Tortorice seo digital marketing colorado

Infront Webworks, an online agency and industry leader in website design, internet marketing, and search engine optimization, today announced Mike Tortorice has joined the Digital Agencies team of expert and innovative staff as our Digital Marketing Director. He comes to Infront Webworks from Wisconsin and brings with him an outstanding reputation in the SEO industry and extensive experience in advanced SEO implementation.

Mike Tortorice began his career in SEO a decade ago, with a focus on solid web design structure using the latest in HTML, CSS and content management systems. Starting as a web and graphic designer the need to rank web sites for clients became apparent and thus his interest in organic search results (SEO) started.

Mike’s education shifted at that point from web development to Search Engine Optimization learning from top level SEO’s in the field and in college solidifying his marketing expertise. This gave him the opportunity to use his existing web client pool to create 2 businesses utilizing his entrepreneurial spirit. The first was a web and graphic consulting firm and later an SEO firm focusing on small business rankings for local clients.

“Tortorice is an expert in technical SEO strategies, and widely respected in the SEO and online marketing industry”. He is another example of the very selective SEO experts we are committed to adding to our growing team.,” said Michael Hodgdon, Marketing Director of Infront Webworks.

As a result, Mike has become a customer engaged SEO specialist focusing on data analysis, web site marketing, keyword research, social media, content creation and website ranking based on Google standards, on and off page. He has a strong background using the tools of the trade including advanced software techniques that help drive results for his customers. Coming onboard with Infront Webworks, he will continue this tradition of advanced SEO skills and customer forward communication to not only help Infront grow, but also to help Infront’s clients thrive in an ever competitive marketplace.

When asked her thoughts on the most recent addition to the Infront SEO team. Stephanie Hooper, SEO and Digital Marketing Manager, stated, “We are literally searching the country to hand pick the best talent possible for our team and Mike is another amazing fit. ”, she went on to add, “Agency level SEO is the most advanced SEO professionals can take on because of the large variety of situations we see. It is a priority to us to ensure we add the best possible talent to our team”.

As an SEO Specialist at Infront, Mike’s responsibilities include working with clients to achieve top level website rankings, strategic website planning with his peers, driving company initiatives to help develop our customers first page rankings, and to commit fully to the client relationships that cultivate Infront Webworks culture and ingenuity. Due to Mike’s understanding of web site development he is able to take Organic SEO to the next level.

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