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Which Advertising is Most Effective?

Jan 23, 2017, 15:33 PM | Published under Search Engine Optimization by Mike Tortorice

With the rapid growth of the online world and its symbiotic relationship with improving technology, it’s hard to believe traditional media still has great influence in the advertising arena. What most research and studies have come to find is that online advertising and traditional advertising actually work hand in hand.


Depending on your particular industry and target market, different media outlets might be more effective than others. What seems to work best for everyone is a holistic advertising approach designed strategically to reach your target market. However, as recently as July of 2016, CNBC’s Catalyst sites that TV remains the most effective advertising platform of all.

Why Television Works

TV has in many ways transformed into the most trusted platform out there. Television is there with you in your living room, it plays familiar ads along with your favorite shows, it builds brand image and secures trust. Although digital advertising is a groundbreaking and innovative way for marketers and business owners to increase brand awareness, television is the stronghold that unifies and improves advertising across other media outlets.

It is predicted that businesses everywhere will invest more into Internet marketing than TV commercials for the first time ever next year. With the increase in mobile usage and the ingenuity of responsive design, business owners feel that digital marketing needs as much attention as it can get.

Although it may seem like a paradigm shift is occurring, marketers should be aware that the increase in mobile usage does not mean that there is a “flip” in advertising trends; rather, it’s a fusion.

Big companies like American Express have found that a decrease in TV advertisement led to a decrease in sales. T.V. advertisement has an effect that builds over time and makes online advertising more effective than it would be on its own. 

All Is Better Than One

Research from the Advertising Research Foundation studied 5000 ad campaigns from around the world and found that more platforms lead to a higher return on investment. Furthermore, Television advertising and digital advertising create a powerhouse duo that surpasses any and all other combinations of media outlets, providing companies with a 60% higher ROI.

It’s not the robotic, holographic future imagined by dozens of sci-fi movies… at least not yet, anyway. Though technology continues to improve and the Internet continues to be a major source of information for most, television is a staple that cannot be overlooked.

To make the most of your marketing campaign, try to utilize the platforms that matter most to your industry. As mentioned, what works perfectly for one business may not have the same effect for another, so make sure that you’re investing in the right advertisement outlets.

The Importance of Digital Presence

Recent research proves that traditional media is not dying. Certain types of traditional media may have less of a reach, but there are still many ways to make traditional ad campaigns work in your favor. However, online presence is extremely important in modern marketing, and without it, you’re screaming to a market that’s too busy looking at their phones and checking social media.

SEO, website maintenance, blogging, social media, and email marketing are all important aspects of a successful ad campaign. SEO is essential because it brings you directly in front of customers. Sure, you picked out the most effective keyword combinations, but the customer was looking for a company like you and not the other way around. They find you.

Having a website that is both informative and visually appealing is extremely vital in the competitive infinity of SERPs. As the switch to mobile becomes unavoidable, it’s important to have a fast-loading website that is mobile-optimized or built with responsive design. Also, a good website will quickly lead a hurried searcher to the right information with ease. Make things simple but not forgettable.

Blogging is the company voice. It’s an easy way to build trust with your customers and it gives curious minds something to think about the next time they’re looking to buy something in your industry. Blogs make companies more human, and if you’re selling to humans, that’s most definitely a good thing.

Social Media opens doors to instant, viral media. If you’ve got something trendy and relevant, social media will bring your products and/or services out into the public with phenomenal speed. Depending on the what social media outlets you are using, frequent posts and updates make your company relatable and “real.”  Instead of gimmicky ads, social media advertisement relies on honesty and user participation.

Email marketing remains one of the most trustworthy forms of advertisement out there. If you’ve chosen to subscribe to a blogger or company website, you’ve probably read a few of their posts and liked what they had to say. To stay in the loop, they ask you to join their email list and voila! You’ve got first pick for products and services and the company gets direct access to potential future buyers.

When you’re ready to increase sales and start a stellar marketing campaign, let the experts at Newell Ledbetter Advertising lead the way. Our experience in all media outlets from radio to broadcast and cable television is exactly what you’re looking for. They will work with you and your brand to give you the best possible ROI. If you want to stand out in an ocean full of ads, contact NLA Media today. 




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