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How and Why Your Website Should be Building Links in 2016 (Infographic)

May 9, 2016, 11:26 AM | Published under Search Engine Optimization

Link Building Holy GrailLinks may be hidden, but they are the currency of the internet. The more inbound links you have (backlinks), the better your website looks in the eyes of search engines. Here’s the thing, though, you can’t just get links from anywhere. Every aspect of these links matters and contributes to your overall profile.

Today I’m going to show you how to acquire the best possible links to your site, and why they benefit you and your business.

Identify & Build Quality Backlinks (Infographic)

When you begin the process of building links, you should keep an eye out for the top three things that define a good backlink:

  • It comes from an authoritative and respected website.
  • It has relevant anchor text
  • The anchor text is within the content

When it comes to building links, there are several ways to do it, but you should always stray away from purchasing them or receiving them from low quality websites. Quality is a clear winner over quantity here. You’ll find backlinks right on top of a list of tips to start blogging.

Why do you need these? These links not only contribute to your overall ranking, but they also offer a means for new people to find your site. This referral traffic is great for your website’s performance and conversions.

When we look at SEO in 2016, backlinks are still a priority. These are always going to be the foundation of a successful website. Take a look at the infographic below to see how you can start building quality backlinks today! Let us know how it helps you in the comments below! 

Big infrographic 

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