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What to look for in CMS

Looking to add a CMS, or Content Management System to your online system? Does your business provide rich media, like photos or videos? Do you add content quite often? If so, a CMS would be the right fit. But with so many different options, how do you decide which one is best for you? We’ve come up with a list of things you should consider when looking for a CMS.
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5 Ways UX can Improve Your SEO

ux-for-seo Advanced CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is often described as A/B testing and can involve an expensive trial & error process. In a lot of cases, that cost doesn’t even come with any guarantee you’ll ever see results. However, there are some obvious changes that you can implement to improve your conversion rate and user experience without a CRO price tag.
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Zoey: High Performance Ecommerce

zoey One characteristic above all separates Zoey from its competitors: The Zoey platform
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Tips on Choosing a Digital Agency Part III: When Marketers and Designers Work Together, You Win

digitalagency3-thumb The difference between building your business’ web site and having professionals do it...
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BigCommerce: How We Unleash Power, Punch, and Performance On Your Ecommerce Site

shopping-cart Why do so many ecommerce companies hire technology professionals? Because they know (or have discovered
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My WordPress Site Has Been Hacked, Who Can Help?

emergency-750 Hackers are a sad reality of our tech-driven life. Falling victim to a hacker is a very real possibility no matter how secure your site is.
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Why Isn’t Sitefinity Sending Password Reset Emails?

forgot-password Admin forgets their password. They’ve tried using the password reset on Sitefinity’s login page, they’ve had another admin trigger the
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Platforms are Foundational: Tips on Choosing a Digital Agency Part 2

cms-tn WordPress? Sitefinity? Big Commerce? These are all Content Management Systems and if you’re doing research ...
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Can I Get a Secure Website for Free?

ssl Internet Security Research has secure, free and painless SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt. Learn more about getting yours.
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Instructions for Creating a Feather (MVC) widget

coding These instructions are for a Feather (MVC) widget, but you’d retrieve the same value if you were using a regular Sitefinity widget. Skip to the code
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Do you want fries with that? Tips on choosing your digital agency (Part 1)

order-taker-850 Finding an agency to work with to manage your online presence is far from a trivial pursuit.  There are many things
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What Language Should My Website Be In?

cultures Some companies have clients all over the world who speak many different languages. What language should the company’s website be in? Today, Google has published their recommendations for international website in their webmaster central blog.
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Infront New Client Launch: Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade

For this year's St. Patrick's Day Parade in Denver, CO the directors of the event decdided to redisign the website for the event, and give the public a more user-friendly experience while finding information about it. But when they turned to Infront Webworks it became clear that we could do much more that simply give them a website.
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Blue Palm and Amazon - A Tale Of Discovery & Technical Success

Ok, we're a tech company, so we're not talking about strangely colored trees on the world's longest river, but we are talking about something that is just as interesting to our client and to our web development team. This story tells of our approach to solving the problem of importing Amazon's products into the SiteWorks ecommerce database to save time and money in creating a great website.
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SiteWorks: A Great Alternative to WordPress

sw In the course of educating prospective clients on what makes a successful website (see my blog post on "The Big Three" in website design), I'm often asked (and sometimes ordered) to use WordPress for the website's content management system (CMS). I hear, "everybody's heard of WordPress" (see wordpress.org for more info) and, despite not really knowing anything about it, some people seem to think it's the best thing since oxygen (better even than sliced bread). But I'm here to tell you about a GREAT alternative to WordPress.
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Computing on Cloud 9

cloud-computing-diagram Cloud computing is one of the least understood, but most widely used services on the internet today. The cloud is used by people both at work, at home, in their cars, and anywhere else an internet connected smartphone is used. So, what is the cloud really? What's it's history? How does it work? How is it used? Read on to have these questions and more answered.
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