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AdWords Agency Policy Update

Oct 21, 2014, 16:20 PM | Published under Google AdWords

Google has recently updated their AdWords policy in order to bring more transparency to their customers. There are two main points to make about this policy update: first, if an advertiser who is running AdWords through an agency asks for his/her Google Customer ID, the agency has to provide it; and second, the agency must tell the advertiser how much they are charging for the management of that AdWords account. Let’s dig into each of these new policies to find the significance of each, and who it affects the most.

An AdWords Customer ID is the customer’s unique identifier to Google AdWords. It is the information needed in 

order to find out specific information about an account: how many clicks an ad campaign is getting, ho

This new policy gives AdWords customers the ability to call Google AdWords, just like the agency can, and discuss the agency’s handling of their account. You might want to do this if you have concerns with the performance of your campaign, or with the way your AdWords agency is conducting any aspect of their business with you.w much money is being spent, and anything else about that account. Without a Customer ID an advertiser cannot call Google AdWords to talk about his/her account in detail.

Adwords Policy

Now, it should be noted that the vast majority of AdWords agencies I’ve come across are competent, professional, and willing to discuss a client’s account in great detail with them at any time, but this policy addition is a safeguard to help ensure that customers don’t get mistreated, and that agencies really know what they are doing. Again, I have worked at numerous AdWords agencies, and they have all been very respectful of the client’s wishes, but this simply strengthens the confirmation that agencies have their AdWords customer’s best interest at heart, which is even more of a reason to choose a Google Partner to run your AdWords account.

When it comes to AdWords management fees most customers probably assume some sort of fee when they decide to having an agency manage their AdWords account. However, they may or may not have known how much that expense is, and until now, it was up to the agency to tell their customers. With the rollout of the new policies all Google Partner agencies have to clearly give their clients their management fees for managing AdWords, whether it is a percentage of the AdWords budget, or a flat rate. I don’t see this ever happening, but if an agency refuses to give this information to a customer Google can ultimately revoke their partnership status.

These new policies affects advertisers, and agencies, but also the market as a whole. When people begin to understand what the market value for AdWords management is at the different agencies, and what then they will begin to take that into account when choosing an agency. Just as with all other products or services in the market the result could be that some agencies lower their fees to compete with other agencies, or they could simply put more effort into showing clients that they are justified in having higher fees because of the fact that they have more technical knowledge and proven track record of getting their clients the most clicks.

Google AdWords is a growing platform, and many business models thrive on allocating a portion of their revenue to this service. Having a more transparent policy between advertiser, agency, and Google, will ultimately help everyone involved. Infront Webworks is a Google Partner with certified AdWords experts. If you would like AdWords service for your business please give us a call today.

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