Tips for getting Organic Sales through Facebook

Tips on getting Organic Sales through Facebook
Tips on getting Organic Sales through Facebook

Here are some tips and tricks for getting organic sales through Facebook.

It may seem like the only way to get any traction through Facebook is doing it through paid Ads. This does not always have to be the case and with 1.73 Billion people on average logging on to Facebook daily, it’s hard to throw your net in that ocean and not catch any fish! Here are a few tips and trick on how to get effective sales organically through Facebook.

Use the following you already have!

Facebook cleverly changed it so that organic posts have a limited audience now making it seem like the only choice you have left would be to pay for a larger reach. Do not lose hope yet! There is always another way to look at it! Now you can be assured that people who follow or like your page have a real and authentic interest in you or your company. This makes it so that there is more of a chance of your organic posts to get the results you are looking for! Whether it is selling something or getting new traffic onto a certain Landing Page.

So, Facebook helped by getting rid of the excess and making things more “to the point.” Now it is up to the content you post to get more followers! This will be through your current followers sharing your posts and engaging with likes and comments. Through this, it will give you an opportunity to reach out and obtain a higher following.

Make them come to you

Now that you have followers that have a genuine interest in you or your company, they need to be persuaded to leave Facebook and head to a landing page that will have benefits of using your service and also shows pricing of your product.

The best way to go about this is to send them to a landing page that has a call to action (CTA) that encourages the customer to go through with the purchase. This can be a shopping cart or subscription form. Other ideas include, Links to quizzes, contests and blogs.

Use the page performance as a guide to get organic sales through Facebook

Once you have started to analyze the number of times your Facebook posts get clicked on in comparison to how many land on your CTA then it will be easier to experiment and see what works or doesn’t work. Tweaking posts and landing pages and studying results are all apart of the process on getting those conversions up!

So, don’t be afraid to cast your net out into the Ocean of Facebook and hook those fish! The audience is just waiting to stumble upon posts that catch their attention and interests. Using the clicks and bounce rates will provide you the necessary information on which areas need tweaking.

 Do you have any tips on attracting people using organic Facebook content?

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