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Why Every Company Needs a Mobile-Friendly Site in 2015

Apr 9, 2015, 09:57 AM | Published under Search Engine Optimization

In light of the announcement of Google's new algorithm, companies are scrambling to get on board with mobile-friendly websites. Some companies have been resistant to the change, but new Google search methods all but mandate that companies have mobile friendly versions of their websites in 2015. Unfortunately, websites without mobile friendly capabilities will now be penalized by Google's ranking algorithm.

Aside from ranking with the new algorithm, it is evident that companies who implement mobile-friendly versions of their sites see greater SEO benefits.  In a recent study, market researchers found that 80% of searches are conducted on a smartphone, making them the second most popular search device. Aside from fulfilling Google's ranking criteria, organizations that implement a mobile-friendly site see several other benefits to marketing and revenue.

Grab, Retain, and Convert Consumers

When a user performs a search, the top-ranked websites will show up at the top of the list. All Internet users know this. But now, sites will be labeled as to whether or not they are mobile friendly. A user conducting a search is obviously going to choose the mobile-friendly site to avoid having to pinch, swipe, scroll, and zoom to navigate a desktop site. Over time, this will lead to a higher CTR (click through rate) for mobile sites - and more precious time that your site could spend converting browsers into buyers.

Make It Easy For the Customer to Purchase

Consumers are spending less and less time putting up with sites that are not user friendly. In an age where thousands of businesses have beautifully designed and easy-to-use mobile sites, it is just not worth it to consumers to navigate through a confusing or broken mobile page. If a company wants to convert site visitors into paying customers, they need to invest in a mobile website focused on user experience, otherwise, companies may risk losing revenue to competitors with more navigable sites.

Automation Makes It All Easier

With a plethora of automation software available on the market, the benefits weigh in heavily, especially for e-commerce businesses. Automation software makes it easy for business owners to manage POS, marketing, accounting, and website/shopping cart integration in one place. With SEO automation, companies can benefit from an intelligent keyword search and data analytics, which assist in marketing and SEO strategies. If a company decides to integrate their automation software with their mobile website, they will be able to easily collect mobile user data and build better marketing campaigns that are mobility focused.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

How does one know if their website is mobile friendly? In anticipation of the new algorithm, Google released a mobile-friendly test which will analyze the website and report its rating based on the algorithm’s criteria. Whether the site is a designated as a mobile site or as a responsive design site, it doesn't matter, because either design qualifies. It is up to the company to decide which version is more appropriate for their needs based on up-front cost, conversion rates, and usability.

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