How To Add A ‘Like Us On Facebook’ Button To Your Website

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And How to Use Your Social Media Properly as a Business

So you have a website, and you want to promote your Facebook page on it. Good move. There are many benefits to promoting your company’s Facebook page. You can promote your new products, your news, and sales events to all the people who like you. You can also steer traffic to your website, and it’s just good for brand awareness.

So how do you do it? Here’s a pictorial guide:

  1. Visit the Like Box page on the Facebook developer page. Copy the URL from the Facebook page you want to use with the Like Button.
  2. adding a facebook like button
  3. Click “Get Code”
  4. Copy the code, and paste it onto your webpage where you’d like the button (there are two sections of code, both go in the body section of the webpage).
    Facebook Like
  5. Lastly, make sure you seek out the “href” and instead of the URL that is automatically placed there, paste the URL of your own Facebook page. Otherwise, people will be ‘Liking’ the Facebook developer page, which is what it is defaulted to.
  6. Now publish your changes on your website. If you don’t know how to access your website, you’ll either have to get your webmaster or consider investing in a CMS which makes it easier for non-developers to edit their websites.

How to use Your Social Media Account as a Business

Now that your business is using Facebook there are some things you should know. Social media websites are great marketing tools, but they all have different etiquette’s, especially for businesses.

Facebook users don’t expect to see a post from your company more than two or three times a week. It’s more of a news source for businesses. By contrast, Twitter users are fine with multiple posts per day because Twitter is more of a conversational source.

For example, you would post that you have a new line of products on both Facebook and SEO Audit Twitter, but you would publish individual customer reactions about specific features of that product on Twitter. You would publish that you’re having an event on both Facebook and Twitter, but you would publish attendee reactions to the event on Twitter. This is because of the culture of the two websites. Yes, it’s true that people have conversations on Facebook, but it’s mostly between close friends and family members, not between a company and its fans.

Facebook and Twitter are not the only mediums, however. Pinterest and Instagram are like Twitter regarding the accepted frequency of use. You can post as often as you like, and almost any company can use it effectively. You will find chefs who post pictures of their entrees; bodybuilders who post pictures of the results of their hard work, like our client, Foundational Fitness; car dealers who want to show off their latest models, the list can go on and on, as can the benefits.

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Social media is a necessary tool for the SEO campaign of every business in today’s environment. To find out how Infront can set your company up with an award-winning SEO campaign call us today.

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